Are you searching for someone to guide you and keep you on track with your fitness goals? Personal trainers are the perfect way to have someone help you outline an exercise plan that is tailored to you and is based on your needs, and they are able to guide you in the proper ways to work out, while taking care of your body and targeting different parts of your body with effective exercises. You can look for a Broken Arrow Gyms whose personality, lifestyle, and priorities in health and fitness best suit yours, because with the right match, it is more likely you will reach tremendous success! Not only that, you will also enjoy working out with them. Search for a personal trainer that would be your best fit and that has the same ideals and goals as you, you will need somebody that will hold you accountable and keep you committed and staying on track. If you meet weekly, you can ensure greater success, once you get on a regime that works for both you and the trainer. Look for somebody that can guide you also and your nutritional needs if that is something that you care about. It would also help to know what you would like to accomplish in the future, and that person will help you track with your nutrition plan as well. Here at the Hub gym, we love to show you our Broken Arrow Gyms staff, that will ensure that you get to talk to a few different personal trainers. Here at the Hub Gym, we want to ensure you are taken care of. The Hub Gym, located in the Broken Arrow Rose District, is the ideal place to find someone who will work with you, be there to encourage you and lift you up, instruct you properly how to use the work out equipment, as well as provide you with the resources you need, including nutritional guidance, to keep you committed to your plan. Remember the Rose District is a beautiful historic district, and there are many surrounding shops, cafés and other things to do near the Hub Gym. Find a Broken Arrow Gyms who truly listens to your concerns and your fitness needs and asks you what you want to accomplish. You can also find that our trainers will take you to do an in-body scan as part of your initial assessment with them. When you go to the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow, and you start with us as a new member, you will start out initially with something the gym calls its First Step program. This is not offered to new members at any additional cost! It is simply part of your introduction as a new member to the gym! We like to have you exposed to what it would be like to work with a Broken Arrow Gyms at our gym. We are confident that you will appreciate and enjoy the “First Step” consultation with one of them, and then you will also have the chance to do an in body scan where you and the trainer will record your body mass index, your body fat percentage, and from there, you and the trainer will be able to better assess the chance for you to set a plan that best fits your needs. The Hub Gym is the perfect place for you to find the right fit for you, when it comes to a personal trainer. Remember that as a new member, your first month with the gym you will pay only one dollar! That’s right, only $1 for the first month. And by no means are you obligated to sign up for personal training as a new member. The First Step program simply exposes you to what it would be like to work with a trainer going forward, but you are not required to pay for training. Make sure that you take advantage of this incredible opportunity to work with a very special Broken Arrow Gyms group here in the age old Rose District and take note that as a new member, your first month with us will only cost you $1 dollar! If that is not a deal, we simply don’t know what it is. If you are wondering why we are able to offer our prospects a dollar for the first month, it is because we have seen over and over, that these trials turn into committed memberships! People have spoken very highly of their experience at the Hub Gym, and they appreciate the chance to try it first month with no strings attached. We want to grant you the opportunity to “try before you buy”, and this way, you can come in without any hesitation! Please call us at 918 994 4299 or visit our website online at Our friendly and eager staff will be there to answer any of your questions and see what you need to do and take care of. With your trial, you get full access to everything! Did we mention that your membership also comes with 24 7 access? Even though the front desk has certain office hours, your card will get you in the door to use the work out facility at any time during the day or night. We don’t see many people in the early waking hours of the morning, but there are certainly some people who consistently make this their exercise time! They enjoy it, and it works for them. Some people desire to jump start their day “dark and early” with a burst of energy, and it helps have a much more productive day. With your trial month, your membership will give you complimentary towel service, access to our sauna (where you must simply reserve a time), access to all of our group fitness classes (in the “Group X room”), which includes yoga, a ladies-only weightlifting class, boxing, “the Hub Tribe”, the game changers classes and more! You will have access to all of our equipment and you will see everything this incredible gym has to offer!