Do you know want to know what it’s like to be part of a stellar gym that is a place where you will Thrive? Do you want to know what it’s like to be part of a community that you feel like you belong in? A place that makes you feel included and pushes you to be your absolute best? You should stop searching and just come on over to the most popular of the Broken Arrow gyms, The Hub gym in the Rose District! This is a family to be part of.

This is a place with excellent owners and staff that pushed to Excellence in everything that they do. We do not take our gym lightly and the atmosphere is one that you would want to be a part of. You are not a stranger at our gym. Everybody at the Hub gym is getting a complimentary first episode spent whenever they begin their membership. So, you can just give us a call or you can talk to you one of the owners about more information. We love being a part of the Rose district, and that is exactly where we are located! And you should note that if you do work in the Rose District, he qualifies for a hub partner discount, that is Eva partner discount which is $29 membership a month rather than 39.

There are also other fields that fields of work that we accept that qualify for you for a discount. One of them is the first responder if you are a first responder, you will pay $20 a month to be a member of our gym. Has anyone told you about the new equipment that we’ve gotten? You should really see the renovations that have been going on since about March of 2020. When we had to shut down for a. Of time. That is the advantage and opportunity we took to start making ours even better than the best of Broken Arrow gyms! All of our staff put in time and overtime, again and again, to make sure that Jim was getting rapid improvements and the people quality improvements.

You should consider looking at other Broken Arrow gyms in the area and see what they were doing during this time. Were they being productive? Were they constantly trying to see how they could improve and renovate? Of course, we don’t always have to renovate, but it was really a time that we could use when we were not directly in-person contact with members at the gym, and they stepped back. That was a time where the place was clean and is empty and free of traffic. So, we used it to her Advantage! We did not waste any time.

You will see the vision of the owners has trickled down and really carried forth through the stuff and trickle down to the numbers. Members here feel alive and feel like they’re part of a strong community. So, a lot of other fields that are part of the Hub partner discount membership is if you work in the medical field, if you are a teacher if you are a student, and of course, if you work in the Rose District. Please note that if you have a family member that wants to be added on to the gym, which is the best of the Broken Arrow gyms, that they will only be at $20 a month with a $10 one-time enrollment fee.

So, remember that your RFID chip is what will get you in the door 24/7 access. So even if other Broken Arrow gyms are closed, remember that the Hub gym is 24/7 access! Even now, when every gym is having Limited hours. Many gyms that we have seen have reduced them what is normally 24/7 access to be limited or worse because of the coronavirus. Well, we will not. We are still 24/7 access and we will remain that way. So even though the office hours are normally 9 to 7 p.m., with your RFID chip you can get in the 24/7 access door that will let you in the gym facility and you can work out any time of the day! It’s really is the best of Broken Arrow gyms out there. And feel free to give us a call if you still want to be convinced why.

Are friendly staff will talk to explain everything that you need to know about being a member of this awesome gym. You can also give us a video or a Google review. We absolutely love it when people give us a video or Google reviews! They promote the business and keep us driving because people find this when they look on Google. We are at the top of all of that you see listed when you do a Google Search! And this is not for no reason. And if you do a video or Google review for us, you can get a free protein bar or any energy drink at the front office. Drew show us on your phone to review and we will serve you!

It means the world truly to us when we see people post those reviews. It helps our business tremendously; people have no idea how much it means! So, if we ask you don’t feel like we are bombarding you, but we simply ask this as a way to get our name more and more out there and that is truly what helps us grow. We’ve also started doing door hangers as well! So, if you work on the rose District, be sure to expect a peep and a hello from us, your friends this is neighbors! We know the hard work that it takes to run a successful business. We know that it is definitely not sunshine and rainbows any day every day, and there are days when it can be really discouraging. But that does it does not stop the owners from growing and pushing to make this Jennifer Thrive and succeed and be all that it is and all that it can be.

We love our roasted your neighbors and we love our members, and we truly serve you with the best of our ability, and we value you. Next time you are in, please feel free to contribute to the wall that we have at the back of the facility, that is filled with people reading their goals and crushing it. We want you to know that this is personal as well and anybody can write up on there, and people that are taking tours for the first time of the facility, truly love what they see.