Let’s talk about the Hub gym. Let’s talk about all of the group classes that we also have. Let’s talk about you and your needs, and what you want! Let’s talk about you and quality of life. Do you desire high quality of life? Do you desire to be at the top of your game? Well there is no denying, with the group fitness that we offer here, you will enjoy your experience here! We’ve got things like the Hub boxing club, yoga classes, The Hub tribe training group, Zumba classes, this is all part of our group X class schedule, and all of these classes are available to you in a regular membership! You do not have to add on anything. The only one that you would have to add on or just get an adjusted slightly higher membership rate would be if you wanted to join consistently, The Hub game-changers classes. This is because these classes are considered as group personal training. You are in these intense High variety workout classes led by the personal trainers themselves! And we switch off who teachers the class throughout the week. So, you will get a chance to be taught by all of our Broken Arrow Gyms at some point in time throughout the week. And because of the high variety and intense classes you get, from our Broken Arrow Gyms themselves, this is why it’s considered small group personal training, and this is why you would be at a different membership rate. But other than this, all of the rest of the classes are offered to you at the regular membership rate. Now, keep in mind that depending on the type of work you do, you can qualify for a discount. Many many many of our members have some type of discount with the Hub gym. So do not think you are exempt! If you are a first responder, veteran, work in the medical field, a school teacher, a student, or if you work in the Rose District, all of these would qualify you for being a hub partner. You will get a discounted rate with being a hub partner! And also keep in mind, that was any add-ons, like family members or friends, you can add them on to your account at a $20 a month discounted rate. This is so cool! And a lot of our members take advantage of these little discounts we have. You will see that people are impacted by their experience at the Hub gym. And this is led by the bright and solid vision of the staff and the owners. The vision that was first implemented by the original owner of the Hub gym as now carried on years and years later, and will continue to be strong and have a positive effect on any person that stepped in the door. We want this to be a place of transformation, and a place that truly impacts our members lives. We want to thank each and every person for their business, but just because we truly value their experience and who they are. You are not just a number whenever you come into the Hub gym. Let us introduce you to our fantastic group of Broken Arrow Gyms that will help you. We want to show you that you are valued and that your desires and goals for your life and your body do matter. You matter. And it matters what you want to do with your life. There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to developing a game plan for your health and your Fitness. We know that your health and your Fitness is number one. And you should not you like you have to sacrifice that for whatever situation you are in, no matter how busy you are. Whether you are a well-to-do successful professional, in some career field, or you are in graduate school, or high school or undergrad, where you are retired, all these plans can place huge stressors on your life. But it does not mean that you have to succumb and handle the stress in the wrong weight and sacrifice your health for! Because everybody knows that if you are not at the top of your game, how can you perform in all of those Endeavors in your life? Your health must be number one and it should not be compromised for any type of career goal. This is very true and this is why we have all types of people here at the Hub gym working on their health and fitness. People have come to realize that health is very important and you should not neglect it, no matter what the situation is. No matter how busy you are with your family or your job or external circumstances otherwise, you should make health and fitness a priority. We want you to feel great and feel so good about yourself every single day. We wanted to be consistent feeling, not they should not feel occasional. You should feel this way day in and day out no matter what you are doing. This should be consistent part of your life and we want to help you achieve that and see that for yourself! There are so many ways that you can get involved here at the Hub gym, and get in touch with a Broken Arrow Gyms. And you do not have to feel like there’s going to be gym intimidation or judgment or competition. You’re a no-nonsense environment and we want people to feel completely safe and comfortable and that they can get in and get out however they please. But do know, that your experience here will be pleasant. And it is not uncommon for you to find the owner just talking a storm away with the members of the gym, and they are on a personal relationship and name to name basis. That is because we value our members, and the owner and the staff to really get to know their members, if the members feel like they have any concerns or suggestions for improvement, they know that they can bring those up to the owner and staff without hesitation or without being condemned. We are so open to suggestions for improvement because we know that this is a place that needs to best serve our clients. So, we thank you so much for your business. You’re not positive about visiting or I’m committing to the hub gym, we do offer $1 for the first month. So, you can sign up with just pay $1 no commitment. So, it will automatically renew to the regular rate if you don’t want it to. That means for 30 days that you can walk into the Hub gym he could consult with a Broken Arrow Gyms, you can do our first step assessment, you can use our facility and our equipment, even our sauna, all of our group member classes, you can do all of these things for that $1 for the first month 30 days and your satisfaction we guarantee! If you are not satisfied, then no worries. It is no strings attached when he signed up for that one Dollar first month. That means, that you can leave without any worries and you will not be charged at the regular rate. Because we know that you want to try it first.