When you were learning to become a more fit person, you sometimes find that your diet and nutrition leads you to have some minor deficiencies in your total needs. These deficiencies are simple things such as not quite enough protein, maybe you were consuming too many carbohydrates, maybe you were eating just a little bit too often, maybe you are not getting the proper vitamins and minerals, and maybe your body is not quite burning fat the way it supposed to. At our Broken Arrow Gyms we focus on using supplementation to fulfill those needs that typically arise in most members at our gyms. More often than not individuals are going to be deficient in consuming protein. Protein is the primary building block for all of your muscles in his what is necessary in order to keep your body strong and fit. If you do not consume enough protein there is no guarantee that you were actually going to build on any muscle despite any of the hard work that you were putting in day after day after day. But if you are consuming enough protein you can walk into the gym with great confidence and great joy knowing that every exercise you do is going to make sure that you build on the proper muscle mass that you were supposed to. We have several different sources of excellent protein. First we have macro meals which is an incredible meal prep service that gives you proper food in the proper ratios. Next we have fantastic proteins that all taste very delicious and are very good for you and do not cause any gut issues and even have digestive enzymes, they are lactose free, gluten-free, and they all have great delicious and amazing flavors. Some of the flavors include chocolate peanut butter fudge, vanilla ice cream, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate cookie crunch, Froot Loops, fruity cereal, angel food cake, graham cracker, and many more. The next most often thing people are deficient in is their vitamins and minerals. We usually become deficient in our vitamins in minerals because we do not consume enough fruits and vegetables along with that’s all your vitamins that you get from animal products. So the best solution first is to make sure you were consuming the proper fruits and vegetables and fats able vitamins from animal products. But if you were doing your best and you were still not consuming enough of all of your vitamins and minerals needed, the next best solution is to supplement. You can supplement first with taking an electrolyte drink, next you can supplement by consuming a multivitamin that is designed for an athletic person. Once you’ve got the proper multivitamins and you also have the proper amount of protein for your body, the final thing is to make sure that your body is utilizing your energy and properly allocating the energy to things such as your thyroid. If your body is simply not burning any fat in your body is not absorbing nutrients the way it supposed to it’s possible that your thyroid could be out of alignment. In order to help your thyroid we have multiple supplements that can help your body keep it into its proper format. There are certain we take on a regular basis and don’t even realize it. One such supplement is caffeine. We know that coffee contains a lot of caffeine and we also know that energy drinks and sodas contain a fair amount of caffeine. But what we don’t understand is that that caffeine can wreak havoc on our system. Often times we consume a lot of caffeine not understanding that more than 300 mg is far too much for her body to handle on a regular basis. The average American consumes well over 200 mg of caffeine and that is not good for your body at all. Instead what we offer at the best Broken Arrow Gyms is the ability to get your first month at our gym for only one dollar and then we will offer you supplement advice and supplement coaching that are designed to give you what we call the minimum effective dose. This means we will not give you a whole bunch of different medication or supplementation that is not necessarily beneficial to your body, but instead we focus on giving your body exactly what it means and if the smallest amount possible. If you cannot get it from natural sources we will make sure that we have the ability to give it to you from a much more natural source. So if you were looking for a gym that is going to give you the supplement advice and supplement coaching that will help you properly benefit your body, give us a call at 918-994-4299. One of our incredible fitness coaches can really help you take your fitness to a new level and help your understanding of supplementation be utilized properly. So when it comes to amazing fitness services, we recommend you get connected with our team. If you were looking for people that are trustworthy, visible, reliable, and definitely efficient and definitely smart, connect with our team! Remember you get your first month at the gym for only one dollar and after that it is only $39 a month and we have multiple family plans and options that allow for you to bring friends as well. If you would like to bring your first friend for free, have them come on a Saturday where they can enjoy boxing or Zumba or game changers free of cost. Another option you can do is have them add it onto your membership for only $20 a month. You really can’t even get a better deal than that! Each of you will have your own free membership to use for a very low and very affordable rate. Our staff is ready to help you and guide you to success to make sure that you were getting the best services in the best results that is really just making things absolutely incredible and great for you. Visit us online today www.thehubgym.com.