Well, it is about time that you really give our gym a try. There is so much to consider and you don’t have anything to lose. Why not come with a friend or family member, if you’re a little nervous or feeling unmotivated? But what is there to lose? We are all about bringing out your best self. We also offer meals to complement any solid workout. When you are searching for Broken Arrow Gyms, what are you looking for? Are you looking for a great place with a great atmosphere? Are you looking for a place that has plenty of cardio equipment and strength and resistance training equipment? Are you looking for a place that has such awesome and fun owners that really create the atmosphere? Are you looking to be called by name and recognize? Or maybe you are just looking to get some alone time while you do your workout, which we totally understand! You will not be bombarded, but at the same time we are just trying to stress the strong points that you will not feel like a stranger at our gym, which is the Hub Broken Arrow Gyms. People brag about us above other Broken Arrow Gyms because of our strong Community feel. We really want you to experience that as well, because simply, nobody is exempt from this! And we are trying to stress that! When you walk into a gym, you will immediately feel so welcome and you will not feel intimidated. First of all, it was renovated from an old grocery store in the 1950s. So that should give you a sense of maybe the size of the facility and that it’s not all shiny and glamorous like some other big box gyms. It feels very close and personal. That’s how everybody feels and that’s how people talk about the gym when they come in and work out. It is really really really easy to get to know people because of the small Community Field. Because we are just simply not like the other chain the gyms. There might be other Broken Arrow Gyms that you’ve tried, but we strongly suggest you give us a try and see for yourself the difference that we’re talking about! We have consistently been ranked the top of the Broken Arrow Gyms We also would like to offer you $1 for the first month. And you might think this is crazy and that we’re losing profit. But we have consistently seen with our clients, that $1 for the first month seems to be really beneficial. New clients will really appreciate this, because they see that we are allowing them a trial for the first month, before they commit to something. We totally respect and understand that people really want to try things before they commit to them. So, we basically want to offer you our service and our product, but we want to give you a chance to experience it before you commit to a membership. And it’s pretty hassle-free, you can do month-to-month memberships, or you can do annual. Either way, you will be offered only paying $1 for the first month. So, what is there to lose? Because after payment $1, there is no commitment and no automatic sign up! You just tell us if you are not satisfied in you want to look elsewhere, you can leave and never come back, and he will have only given us $1. Think about all the things that you can buy with a dollar! How many times have you guys picked up a candy bar mindlessly with $1? Will you get to walk into our facility and see everything we have to offer and meet our fantastic staff and see the types of numbers here, for only that $1. What a valuable way to spend that money! That is $1 well spent. Anyway, you should try out or gym. And before you keep trying other. As a Broken Arrow Gyms company, we really suggest that you come consistently for that first 30 days that you paid a dollar for. See everything we have to offer and then compare! And we also encourage you to try out our group classes as well. Because all of the group classes will be included in your membership, and even for that first month you can attend any group classes. We’ve got a wide range of classes in Summer lead by our trainers, but we’ve also got Zumba and yoga Fitness instructors as well as boxing instructors. And you will be delighted to see that we have a fancy sauna, that is safe for you to use and very comfortable. People love and join using it after a solid workout! And guess what? Is also included in your membership, you do not have to pay any additional to use that song that. Simply go to the front desk and asked to reserve a 1 hour time slot to use it. It is so awesome. We are also 24/7 access; you’ll get access to the gym 24/7 during your first 30 days trial as well. The only thing that’s not 24/7 is the front office, and the sauna. You should also check out our full supplement shop as we have a lot of different variety of items on store for you! It is about time that you give us a shot! You can go online, and just check out our Google reviews, and you can visit our website or call us at 918-994-4299. There is really no better time to start than now. We would be happy to have you as a member! So, what about those family members or friends? Do you have friends that you want to come join the gym as well with you? There are really many ways that you can keep yourself accountable for having somebody come to the gym with you is an awesome way to do it. After that, we hope that you would visit us online, and see if you want to commit to monthly membership rate. Again, this should be hassle-free for you and you will be able to leave if you want to after that $1 for the first month. No hassle!