We too can offer a thrilling experience here at the Hub gym of Broken Arrow gyms. What makes the hub gym better than its competitors in the surrounding area? So great? I’m so thrilled to be explained to you in detail what our gym family can do for you! So, we know that the part of the problem is that people, also they might consistently workout at the gym, they don’t have a method. They don’t go into the gym with a plan in mind. The key is strategy. Sometimes even the act of going to work out, if you are not putting into practice effective and planned strategic exercise, you will not see the results you want.

We all know that ticket right results at anything you put your mind to, that it takes good planning. Well, there is nothing better than something that we offer with our new members. This is called the first step assessment. And this will help you get that strategic exercise and that good start out that you need to begin strong. The first step assessment is complementary and it’s just part of your membership as a brand new member we want to answer and address any of those questions when you’re first starting out at our gym.

We want you to feel equipped to take on what you want to accomplish. And we also want to introduce you to our trainers here at our gym, in case that is something that you would like to pursue further. We know that time and time again we have seen amazing results that last from training one-on-one with a qualified personal trainer. It is why we are ranked one of the tops of Broken Arrow gyms. This is what sets us apart. And at your first step consultation, you will sit down with one of our personal trainers, and from there, they will help you address your wants and your goals. They will find out what specific issues you have dealt with in particular, when it comes to your own health and fitness journey. You will walk over to the in-body scan that is in the front office area.

They are, you will take your body mass index and your body fat percentage. This will help them gain further detailed exercise plans tailored to you. So, this is one of the great things that we offer that sets us apart from other Broken Arrow gyms. Please consider it! You can visit our website at www.gm.com. You can also call us at 918-994-4299. All of this is offered to you for just $1 for the first month. So even with that $1 for the first-month trial, you are so considered a brand-new member, and you will be introduced to the first step of Sesame. Keep in mind that you need to let us know within that 30-day period if you want to cancel after that one month for a dollar. Otherwise, you will continue enrolled at the regular membership.

Now also keep in mind that we do offer discounts depending on the type of work that you do. If you work in the Rose District, if you were a student, a teacher, if you work in the medical field or are a first responder, you get a discount! If you are a first responder, you will qualify for the $20 a month right! That is fantastic and sets us apart from other Broken Arrow gyms! Any of the other career Fields will qualify you to be a hub partner and you will be enrolled at 29 99 a month. And also keep in mind that you can add on family members to your account and they can be enrolled automatically at $20 a month add-on. This is all a fantastic deal, but it’s not just about the pricing.

What sets us apart from other Broken Arrow gyms is our community. People Rave about our community and strong. I feel that we have work to maintain consistently. And you can check out our Google reviews online if you search our name. You will see over and over the things that people say about our gym. Consistently, we have seen reviews that we love our members, that we treat them like family, that they are valued individuals. And that is how you will feel when you step into her gym. You will be welcomed with open arms and embraced and your name will be remembered. You will not be just another number. We are not another big box gym! Come check us out today. Other features that will set us apart when you walk in is, when you become a new member, or even just take a tour of our facility as a prospective member you will also see people just communing and owners and the owners of the gym and the staff and the members all just chatting together calling each other by name.

You will also see that included in your membership is our medical-grade infrared sauna. It’s got fantastic features and it is much safer to use than the traditional steam saunas. Particularly, it is safer to use for older people or people with respiratory issues. In there, we have fun text features, such as music to play and Netflix to watch. All you have to do is inform the front desk that you would like to reserve the sauna and they will schedule you for an appointment in the sauna for up to 1 hour.

This is also part of your membership, don’t forget that! You want you to fully be aware of all of the amenities that are included in your membership at the Hub gym. We want you to just give it a trial and see what you think. We know that you will not be disappointed and you will truly value your experience and your money’s worth at the Hub gym in Broken Arrow! Come visit us today, or simply give us a call to begin your new journey with the Hub Gym. You will certainly not regret it.