What is keeping you from achieving the next level in fitness? If you are ready to get serious about staying in shape and staying ON TRACK, it is a wonderful idea to pair with a Broken Arrow Gyms. The hope is that you can do it on your own and that is what we ultimately want to get every one of our clients to, but sometimes that extra boost and constant instruction is truly critical and necessary. Sometimes it can be completely transformative, and people are often hesitant and think it will not produce results. The key is that both you and the trainer must constantly communicate with each other the goals you have, because they could change. And you have to stay motivated. Don’t let what you see around you and what other people are doing, and what levels they are at, mess with you! There is not a one-size-fits-all! The beauty of working with a Broken Arrow Gyms is that they will get to sit down with you and see what specifically have been your physical limitations, your challenges and weaknesses are, what stops you and what motivates you, and how is your eating plan is. All these things play a factor! And after assessing all of these things with you, they will help you create a personalized and tailored plan that you’ll be able to stick to! And they will be the one to push you in this journey! Don’t Wait Another Second. If you meet regularly, there is a better chance of you to stick to the plan and to get used to it. It takes 21 days to really implement a new habit and get it to stick. Both you and the trainer need to be on the same page at all times. You need to search for someone that is able to also give you input on your nutritional concerns if that is important to you. If it is something you need help with, they can also refer you to nutritionists and nutrition plans. Make sure you communicate with the Broken Arrow Gyms what you would like to accomplish in the future, as they can outline a long-term goal for you. At the Hub gym, we have an exceptional group of qualified and highly skilled and ambitious personal trainers that you can meet. They will help you get on a routine and stick to it! You get exposed to something called the first step program at the gym. This is a program that truly makes the Hub gym unique. You will be paired with a personal trainer during this assessment. You’ll get to sit down with them, and by no means must you sign up for personal training after this. It is simply our way of saying, “hey, personal training might be a great idea for you! Here’s a little taste of what it would be like starting out with one of them”. The Broken Arrow Gyms will sit down with you and do a self-assessment, get your needs and your goals and your wants, get to do an in-body scan with you, where you’ll get your BMI and body fat percentage. This is a great opportunity to learn a lot more about yourself than you currently know, as it will be an outline to what to do in the future. And after assessing all of these things with you, they will help you create a personalized and tailored plan that you’ll be able to stick to! And they will be the one to push you in this journey! Don’t be scared to push yourself out of your comfort zone. It may be a little uncomfortable at times. But with the right Broken Arrow Gyms, it can be a truly enjoyable experience as you experience real life transformation. These trainers have also experienced quite dramatic changes in their own lives, so they speak from experience which drives them to push their clients and show them that if the Traders themselves could do it, anyone can do it! They are living walking testimonies! You can also see a lot of our testimonies on our website, and you can call us at 918-994-4299. You will be amazed at the stories that these trainers have. You will see that this is a real community of genuine and real people going through real life issues. And you are not exempt from achieving so much transformation. Don’t let fear and discouragement or past failures stop you. You can start fresh and new today. You can start with a partner on your side, in your corner, supporting you. You don’t have to go through the routine of life without someone holding you accountable, because often that might fail you. There is truth in the power of accountability! In a Broken Arrow Gyms might be the right move for you if you have had trouble in the past without not having someone to keep you accountable. What are some other ways that you can be held accountable? Will at the Hub gym, you also are exposed to all of our group fitness classes where you will be in a room with other people who are like-minded and shared similar interests! Not only will you have someone in your corner, but you will other people in the class doing things that similarly you and joy so you will most likely have other things in common! Don’t wait any longer it sounds like a wonderful opportunity doesn’t it? don’t let it pass you by and don’t be afraid to start today. You will not regret it!! We are so sure of it, that we offer our first month for only $1! We have seen this convert into permanent members many times! But you are by no means obligated after the first month! It is simply to show you that we fully trust and the things we say I want to offer to you to try for yourself before you buy!