How do you start getting healthy if you don’t know where to start? The journey to getting healthy can be daunting if you have not had guidance before. There are so many resources to look at and so many tempting things every day to push you against being healthy. If you are searching for a Broken Arrow Gyms that will give you the tools that you need to succeed, stop looking! You have found it! The Hub Gym knows how to equip their members to work hard and be effective in their workouts. They have seen many of their members succeed in their goals because they knew they had support and they had trainers, as well as the surrounding gym members that were very supportive and encouraging. It is a positive atmosphere at the Hub gym. If you are searching for a Broken Arrow Gyms that has a strong community and gives you a family feel, treating you like a valuable and value to client that rather than just a number at our gym, you need to contact the Hub gym right away! We want to empower you and help you feel that you belong, that you are more than enough, and that you have everything it takes to achieve your goals. And you do not ever have to feel out of place because at the Hub gym, it is a family of people of all different levels, whether you’re a beginner or someone who has been working out since junior high, you belong here, no matter what your age, no matter what your level, but no matter what your fitness goals are, you belong at the Hub gym. Don’t forget that we offer you a dollar for your first month. Only a dollar for your first month, and that way you can ensure that we know what we say, we are confident in our $1 for the first month because we have seen many of our members come back after trying it for 30 days and seeing what a wonderful place it is! After that you will be enrolled in the regular rate unless you decide to cancel and there is no obligation you can certainly cancel after your $1 first month. But we are confident that you will want to stay as it is what we have seen with her other clients! The Hub gym is a community that will help you start getting healthy. We’ve got everything you need from, are full supplement shop, 2-hour plenty of free weights in the free weights area, or cable machines, are rowers, skip Berg, we’ve got ellipticals and treadmills, we’ve got bench bars, we’ve got a heavy lifting room that has deadlifting platform and like machines as well as plenty of squat racks and even a belt squat, one of the few in Oklahoma! That is one of our unique items to use at the Hub gym. This Broken Arrow Gyms also has a group fitness room where we host all of our classes, and that is open to our clients as well! This is provided to our clients they can join a class anytime with no additional cost, it is included in your membership, as well as an outdoor area with Atlas stones and tires, as well as a medical grade infrared sauna that is pretty safe and considered safer than the traditional steamed songs that make you sweat profusely and are hard on people with respiratory issues. All this is included in your membership. Don’t forget to check out our website online where you can see real video testimonials from our clients, many of whom are still with us! You will even find video testimonials from some of the trainer so you can get to hear from them on there before you step foot in the gym. We would love to give you a tour of this wonderful Broken Arrow Gyms. Before you have to sign up you can get a tour of the facility, even before you do dollar for the first month. We will show you it around the entire facility. Don’t forget about our macro meals meal prep service that provides all your nutritional needs. It gives you delicious meals that you can choose from that you can order online you can pre-order, and have them delivered a set amounts to the front desk, or, you can just pick one on the go because we always have a preset amount in the fridge at the front desk. Hour. Lament shop includes protein supplements and drinks including lactose-free options for those that have trouble digesting Dairy and this has been a huge hit with some of our clients. And they taste great. Don’t forget to try her free samples that are always available in the front desk area to so you can try before you buy! We have a complimentary towel service that is open to you during office hours, and our friendly staff are always eager to answer any of your questions! You should search for a Broken Arrow Gyms that also gives you what you need to recover well, because your recovery is just as important as your workout! So, we have plenty of rubber mats, for you to stretch out on and cool down, we have bands that you can use to cool down and all this is available to you and your membership as well. Our bathrooms have lockers that are free for your use, you just have to provide the lock as well as a shower in each, but we are currently undergoing renovations to include more showers and updated bathrooms. You can call us today at 918 994 4299, or you can visit us online at This Broken Arrow Gyms wants to truly help you start getting healthy, and we will show you that, you can try everything for only one dollar for your first month, and you will be pleased you gave us a try! We are eager to get in touch with you and help you on your fitness journey. Come by today.