Let us get you started on the right foot. We have encountered many people who just have lots of questions about what gym to join? We are searching all over for Broken Arrow gyms that serve all their needs and meet every single thing that they’re looking for. Let us make it easy for you. We want you to show it to us or give us a chance at least. In this way, you do not have to commit just yet. You can do month to month, but even in the beginning for your first month. You can just pay a dollar and get in the door and so $4 for the first month get you in the door for 30 days. You’ll be able to use the entire facility and have access to all the equipment. You will be able to come in at any time that you like, during the day or during the week early hours of the morning! Believe it or not, some people do that. We have seen it many many many times. You will also have access to our sauna, as well as all of our group fitness classes that take place in our Group X room. Do other Broken Arrow gyms have this feature? We have an outdoor area that you will be able to use as well.

What about coming with your friends? Because that way, you will have accountability, and we no accountability can help you achieve your goals. We also have seen people write on the wall at our gym. We have a wall toward the back of the facility, or a lot of our members will write something that they accomplished on the wall, it might be within the week or the month of the year. Smaller little, many people like to write on that wall. It is a good reminder and such an inspiration whenever you walk past it. It is something that we really pride ourselves in whenever we are getting new prospects at work, and they stop and look at this gigantic wall that has all these little fun comments from Members. It is really so inspiring and we like to tell stories from the wall. There is still plenty of space on that wall to keep writing so you bet that you can be on that wall as well. You can write it Anonymous you can write your name. If you don’t have a marker on you, just ask the front desk because they will be so happy that you want to contribute to this wall of inspiration. It really does bring wonderful memories.

Can you name other Broken Arrow gyms that have a little personalized feature such as this? Also, you really need to talk to our staff. You have a wonderful group of Staff members and personal trainers. They are all under the awesome vision of the business owners of the Hub gym in. And their Vision trickles down to the members and that trickles down and creates a wonderful atmosphere and environment that I was warm and welcoming. And it is full of inspiring members that continued to push each other, even when they don’t know you that well. Whenever you want to visit the gym, what exactly are you looking for? Are you looking for real people that are warm and friendly to be around? Are you looking for 24/7 access? Are you looking for great your classes? Are you looking for a full supplement shop? Guess what, we have it all! You really wanted to be a part and we know that if you give us a chance, that you will come running back! You’re so confident of this that we offer $1 for the first month. What else are you looking for in a gym? We can help you find the right answer. We can also set up a tour with you so that you get to experience everything that the facility has to offer you. And you can do this before committing. Sign up for a free Tour by talking to one of our people at the front desk.

You can call us at 918-994-4299, or you can visit our website online at www.hubgym.com. If you are searching for Broken Arrow gyms, and they are simply not meeting all your needs, it is because you have not given the Hub gym a try yet. We are situated in the lovely in historic Broken Arrow Rose District. We are located on 71st and Main Street, if you are coming from the West, when you approach 71st and Main, you will take a right and you will pass Rib Crib on your right. I think you’ve driving north; you will eventually find the Hub gym situated in this string of shops near then tattoo and Rise grind and ride espresso Cafe. And right across the street you will find the Goodyear tire shop. You will find that the Hub gym is located in a ferric Scenic and beautiful Street. As you continue down the rose District, driving north, you will find other lovely shops and cafes and if you are there at night, you will see that the trees are just lit up with lights year-round. We do not know if this is intentional or if they just forgot to take it down. Either way, it is a beautiful sight.

And we are proud to be located where we are, we have such a fantastic community of people here in the Broken Arrow Rose district. And guess what? If you happen to work in the Rose District guess what? You, yes you, $20 a month instead of the regular $39 a month right. Guess what? You need to bring your family members as well. You will be so pleased. You get this ship that allows you in the door during any time of the day. We actually do have some members that will come in at the ungodly hours of the morning. But guess what? That just happens to work for them. And that is a point of having 24/7 access and that is what sets us apart from other Broken Arrow gyms. Yes, we have a 24/7 access as well to our great Broken Arrow Gyms!