Are you looking for an awesome gym community? Are you looking for a place where you feel loved, and you feel cared for, and you feel no qualms about reaching out to people around you because you feel you can trust them? There is no doubt that you are in no need to look elsewhere because we have the place for you! We are the Hub Gym, located in the Broken Arrow Rose District. This is the top-rated of Broken Arrow Gyms. So maybe you are searching for Broken Arrow gyms that just feel more like home and something that you don’t want to dread going to, but instead, you are looking forward to it.

This shouldn’t just simply be a place to do your exercise and then leave. You will actually probably find it very hard to leave sometimes because all of the staff want to approach you and ask you what we could do to improve the place. Quite often people just don’t like going to the gym. Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t it be something that is enjoyable, something that you’re just smiling walking up to the door? We offer a wide range of activities, equipment, classes, and everyone here just loves being here.

The Hub gym has figured out how to maintain a consistent culture of people that are enthusiastic about their fitness journey. People here are serious about reaching their goals but also know how to have fun. We are all about achieving long-term success, not just short-term results. And we want to help you learn how to ingrain new healthy habits so that these things can become second nature to you and while you do it, you can develop strong and happy relationships. People here want to help keep each other accountable!

This is a real community. Are you curious about our classes? Will we will give you a hand out with a schedule laying out all of the classes throughout the week from Monday through Friday here at their Hub gym! You also be introduced to the new member orientation when you sign up, which is 2/3 days out of the month. And you can go to them, where you will be introduced to the staff, the personal trainers, and you will meet some of the other new member’s interests figure out how to get acquainted with the gym community that we have here. You’re a strong family, and this is what makes us at the top of Broken Arrow gyms!

This is what it’s all about. We will do quick high-intensity workouts with you, we will do long endurance-focused workouts. You have plenty of cardio machines and equipment. And then also strengthened resistance training. Anything to meet your needs. We also have a wall to where the back of the facility, where people write their goals and what they have achieved, and what they would like to still achieve. And yes, this is a very inspiring wall, and we would like you to contribute to it as well. We would like it to be as personalized as possible and there is still plenty of room to grab a Sharpie and come on and write down your goals.

You will see gold written by all of our members, and it is just growing and growing, we also have goals written by her owners like Josiah! So don’t be short-winded. Also, keep in mind that with your first month, you only owe a dollar. And within the 30-day trial., you have full access, that is 24-hour access to this gym, and that also makes us the top-rated of Broken Arrow gyms in the surrounding area! So as long as you call us within that 30-day window, then you are free to cancel. But if you do not do that, then you will be enrolled in the regular rate. Come talk to one of our staff members at our friendly front desk to see what you can do to achieve a discount. We have many options for different types of employees.

And different types of workers. So tell us if you work in the Rose District, or tell us if you’re a teacher, or maybe you work in the medical field. Are you a nurse or a doctor? Are you a radio biography Tech? All of these things will qualify you for our Hub partner discount. So this would just drop down your monthly membership by $10. And if you want to add on a family member or friend, they can be 10 $20 to your account. Make sure that you leave us a Google review because needs to go reviews mean everything to our business. They are truly game-changers, and this is what people see when they go online. So go online to check out our Google reviews and see what people are raving about with the Hub gym located in Broken Arrow, The Best of the Best Of Broken Arrow gyms.

We will surely not disappoint you. And we are always open to suggestions for feedback an improvement from our members because we want to hear what they have to say. We want to continually work to improve the facility, the equipment, the cleanliness, the friendliness of the staff, and the entire atmosphere. We work to serve you. And we truly appreciate each and every one of your business we will strive to be consistent and all that we do, we will strive to have an atmosphere of excellence and warmth and encouragement.

We love our Jem community, and we are continually working on it. If you’re interested in a tour, just call us or just walk in, you do not even really need to schedule an appointment for a tour. You will be greeted by one of our awesome staff members, whether it is the front desk staff, the owners, or the personal trainers. Just give us a call if you have questions at 918-994-4299. Is it a website where you can see many video testimonials, and a word from the owner himself. You can do all of this online. And there is no appointment to just walk in and ask for a tour. We hope that we can convert you!!