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Hey guys it’s your resident “Wildman” Luke Owens once again with the all new Hub Happenings podcast. Today we will be talking about the main differences between The Hub Gym and other of the Broken Arrow Gyms. On the last podcast we spoke about the three major misconceptions about gym memberships, attaining your fitness goals in regard to supplementation and fitness in general. Number one being “the only way to get fit is that you have to spend hours upon hours sweating your butt off on a piece of cardio equipment” in one of Broken Arrow Gyms to lose weight. Number two being that “the only way to get fit is to spend tons of your hard earned cash on supplements” and then you must “take a copious amount of said supplements” to reach your fitness goals while working out in one of Broken Arrows Gyms. Number three being that “the more expensive your Broken Arrow Gyms membership is the more effective your training program is going to be” while you are a member of one of the Broken Arrow Gyms. This time we’re going to cover a few other key factors that set the The Hub Gym apart and make it the best of all the Broken Arrow Gyms.
A few of the main differentiating factors of The Hub Gym in comparison to the other Broken Arrow Gyms are the staff, the facility itself, and the members. The difference between the staff at The Hub Gym in comparison to the staff of the other Broken Arrow Gyms is their approachability, they’re genuine care for the client, and the fact that most of our associates come from similar backgrounds in regard to their health and fitness journey as our clients. This fact alone gives us a unique stance and relatability to our client base in that we are able to tell them or give them stories from our own first hand experience or perspective.
There is nothing more demoralizing than to be talked to about your health and fitness by a person that absolutely has no idea what it is like to be in your position. They can then feel like they’re truly one of us. Where as our competition in the other Broken Arrow Gyms sort of have this unattainable almost “godlike” attitude which makes the staff unapproachable or even worse seem unattainable. It’s as if they sort of forget where they came from and thereby become unapproachable. The atmosphere of The Hub Gym is unlike any of the other Broken Arrow Gyms namely because the owner himself has never been a member of another gym and he has not been tainted by that bro gym atmosphere or expectation. We pride ourselves in the maintaining the mentality and atmosphere similar to the all to popular show Cheers where everyone knows your name. An atmosphere where we truly care and truly want to know your name as opposed to just knowing you’re a number who’s primary goal is to fill the pockets of the owner and staff. You becoming one of the family here at The Hub Gym. You aren’t part of the crowd, instead you are the crowd at The Hub Gym.
And then there is the client base. The client base itself is just different, they’re real people they’re not your well known “mirror madonna’s”where there just checking out their biceps. We do of course have those people who work very hard on their physique and they don’t mind you know sort of showing that off but they also don’t mind helping others to attain their goals. Again it’s a completely different atmosphere than the other Broken Arrow Gyms “mirror Madonna” situation. We don’t forget where we came from and we are always willing to help those who are starting their journey or restarting their journey.
It’s not uncommon to see an older gentleman or female working out right alongside the person who may works out every day of the week at The Hub Gym. The facility is unlike any of the Broken Arrow Gyms. We offer a very eclectic atmosphere with a very open floor plan. The wide range of equipment styles allow for our members to train in their specific style which is why we have such a diverse client base. Of all the Broken Arrow Gyms we are one of the only true 24/7 facilities which means our members have access whenever is convenient for them. We offer showers and lockers for those clients that need to get in a good workout early before work, on their lunch break or in the evening before going out on the town. Being the best of the Broken Arrow Gyms has been a goal for the ownership of The Hub gym from the standpoint of just wanting to be a flagship for our community and to give people a true experience of what a gym and community should be. The Hub Gym wanted to be the flagship of Broken Arrow Gyms that just shatters the mold of what a fitness center has become which is just sort of a numbers game where the primary goal is to try to get as many people in the door as possible, sell them as much as you can (even if they don’t truly need it) and just overrun the facility until it is virtually impossible to use the equipment or spend less than 2 hours for the shear fact you aren’t able to access the equipment in other Broken ArrowGyms. We would rather have fewer members and a better experience than more members where the only experience offered is one of frustration and zero results.

If you have been shopping the other Broken Arrow Gyms or have been a member of another one of the Broken Arrow Gyms and are tired of not realizing your results, or an atmosphere too crowded for anyone to do any good then The Hub Gym is going to be a perfect fit for you. We would love an opportunity to meet you, show you around the club and then dive into your “Why”. Why are you here and what exactly are you hoping to accomplish by having a membership at the best of the Broken Arrow Gyms, The Hub Gym. If you need more info or would like to learn more about us feel free to stop by 507 N Main St – Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012, give us a call 918-994-4299 or visit our website