Are you looking for Broken Arrow gyms that feel like home and it’s something to look forward to, rather than just a place to work out? Most of the time people just dread going to the gym to work out, but that is something unique and valuable about this particular gym. The Hub Gym has created a culture of people genuinely excited about health and fitness, not just achieving fitness goals but attaining long-term success, incorporating these new habits into a permanent lifestyle that becomes natural, and creating long-lasting relationships throughout.

The Hub Gym is situated in Broken Arrow, in the Rose District, which is a new and exciting area that is revitalizing Broken Arrow’s historic Main Street. Sure, there are other Broken Arrow gyms but there are no broken arrow gyms like the Hub Gym. Not only does it have a fantastic and cozy facility with new and quality equipment but the professional and qualified staff genuinely care about the clients they work with and have seen the tangible results time and time again. They sit down with the client when the client is brand new to do an assessment. They want to know not just what you want, but who you are, what your life is about and what you prioritize in your life. What is meaningful to you? They call this initial assessment the “First Step” program, and the goal is to create a game plan individually tailored to the client’s particular needs and goals.

The trainer you work with will walk with you step by step on your fitness journey. The trainers at the Hub Gym will invest in you. You will feel comfortable at the Hub Gym, but also driven and motivated to achieve everything you desire. The culture at the Hub Gym has established that what we do and who we are isn’t just about fitness, that this is about implementing deep, rooted, positive change and maintaining it in life. This is about lifestyle, and who you are. People at the Hub Gym feel like they are at home. It is no wonder that this is the best of Broken Arrow gyms.

If you go to other Broken Arrow gyms you might notice that they are costly, and not as welcoming, because a lot of them are the franchise gyms and they are larger, and you are not treated on a personal level, but rather a number. The Hub Gym has successfully been established as the anti-big box gym. It is the best “non-gym” of Broken Arrow gyms. It has redefined the gym experience and gives people a memorable experience that they desire to come back to consistently. There is a funny saying that the owner likes to say, “we don’t have members, but “friendbers”.

Everyone is family at the Hub Gym, and everyone is treated with respect, and people build relationships with each other that are long-lasting. New visitors might think of Broken Arrow gyms and think that the Hub Gym will be like all the other broken arrow gyms. But time and time again, the Hub gym has won members over for its unique, fun, goal-driven, and family-oriented culture.

Their services include 24/7 full access, small group fitness classes like Zumba, HIIT (high-interval-intensity-training) with the Hub tribe, boxing, yoga, boot camps, one-on-one personal training, you name it! Clients will be treated as life-long customers because the Hub Gym is not looking just for members, they want to create a strong community in Broken Arrow. You will experience the top of the Broken Arrow gyms when you come to the Hub. It is truly the best of all Broken Arrow gyms. It is not just a place to get fit, it is a place to grow and implement real change, and have fun while doing it. You will get quality service because people are so tired of the cookie-cutter service they might find at other Broken Arrow gyms, well they will not find that here at The Hub Gym.

The Hub gym wants to make every time you walk into its facility a wonderful and positive experience. To get involved and find out more, please call the Hub Gym at 918-994-4299, or go online to You will find all the information you need to know right there. Learn about and discover the top-rated of Broken Arrow gyms. The Hub Gym is Broken Arrow’s most reviewed gym, and it will continue to serve all of Broken Arrow with quality service.

It is open 24/7, with quality and delicious meal plan to give you the right fuel as well. You will get programs, clients can visit the front desk where there is a wide variety of products, whether it is protein supplements and powders, nutrition drinks, healthy snacks, prepped and ready-to-go meals (from the Hub Gym’s partner, Macro meals meal prep service), and everything is so delicious! There is no need to visit other Broken Arrow gyms, because clients coming to the Hub Gym are so happy, and they also appreciate affordable memberships.

The Hub gym will offer half the price of what other Broken Arrow gyms are charging for membership. The Hub gym is highly recommended to others, and word-of-mouth has built a solid and large community at this wonderful facility. The word keeps spreading about the gym. We recommend you give us a visit if you desire to start seeing real positive change and learn about living a healthy and fit lifestyle. We will assess exactly what you need and find the right trainer that will work with you to establish and attain your health and fitness goals. You will be welcomed in an inviting and warm atmosphere, and you will look forward to coming over and over. This is more than a place to get fit, it is a community of people who look forward to doing life together while achieving their health goals. People at the Hub Gym recognize they are all on a journey, why not do it together, while supporting one another? This is what you can find when you come to this gym.