There is something to be said about the Hub gym in Broken Arrow. It truly is unlike any other gym, and we think that you will agree as soon as you step foot in the door. This is a gym that is full of inspiration. And we strive to be above our competition and serve you with excellence every single day. There is something about the atmosphere that is just contagious and will make you want to come back over and over again.

Whenever you walk in, and it is your first time, let one of us give you a tour. You will either be taken on a brief tour of the facility with one of the front desk staff, one of the personal trainers, or one of the owners. You will see right away that people here are joyful, and love being here with our great Broken Arrow Gyms.

Many of the members know each other just from the frequency of visiting the gym, and it is not uncommon that you will see the owner chatting away with plenty of members here and there by name. That is because we are a family here at the Hub gym. And we want you to be part of this family, and we want you to feel like you are involved! We will treat you more than just a number because we truly value our members and we care about our personal training clients. Get in touch with one of our personal trainers today!

As a new member, if you sign up, do you remember that we are 24/7 access. You will have a little personalized feature. You will have a wonderful group of staff members greets you and as a brand-new member, you will be introduced to the first step program. The first step program is where one of our personal trainers will sit down with you, and we’ll do an assessment of your needs and your goals, and what exactly you want to achieve through becoming a member and starting a workout program here at the Hub gym, which is the top-rated of Broken Arrow gyms.

It will take you over to the in-body scan, and he in mind that as a personal training client, the in-body scan is part of your payment plan. You will do a measurement of your BMI and your body fat percentage here. This will help you with a personal trainer get an idea of how to cater a specific plan for your needs.

Because we know that each person as an individual on their own unique journey, and that this is not a one-size-fits-all thing. So, people enjoy the first step program, and you can schedule that as soon as you sign up, or sometime in the future. We’re really like to encourage you to schedule it when you sign up because you could forget about it later, but we will remind you about the top Broken Arrow Gyms around.

We are located on 71st and Main Street, if you are coming from the West when you approach 71st and Main, you will take a right and you will pass Rib Crib on your right. I think you’ve driving north; you will eventually find the Hub gym situated in this string of shops near then tattoo and Rise grind and ride espresso Cafe. In the gym, you will have full access to our sauna, which is included in your membership too.

You will also have full access to our group classes, which are also all part of your membership. The classes included with membership are yoga, Zumba, boxing, Hub Tribe (a HIIT class), ladies-only lifting class. These are all offered at various times throughout the week. Let us help you get started on the right foot. We have encountered many people who have any questions about what gym to be a part of?

We are searching all over for Broken Arrow gyms. We hope you will give us a chance! You will also find that there’s an outdoor area where we have tires and Atlas stones and I don’t know what else. But her many things back there for you to use as well.

Sometimes our Hub Travis held outside if it’s not too hot. We also do charity boot camp sessions on every third Saturday of the month. And these sessions if you paid $10 to come in, those proceeds will go to the donation to the organization that we are partnering with. So, for instance, this month we are partnering with Dayspring villa, which is an organization that is a shelter for women dealing with domestic violence and abuse.

So, all of the proceeds from the charity Bootcamp will go to that organization! Consider the Hub Gym before other Broken Arrow gyms. Keep in mind as well, as a brand-new member, you are you have an option to be a part of the new member orientation, which is 7 p.m. every third Thursday of the month. It is held in the Group X room and is it a chance for you to be introduced to the personal trainers and staff here, and you will be given some little boxes of goodies from The Hub gym, and you will get introduced to the fission of the gym community that we have that we are so excited for you to be a part of. Keep in mind also that if you refer any friend to get $15 off.

If you refer a friend or family member and they become an add-on, do you also get $15 off items? Yes, pretty much, not at the point of sign up, but I’ve been sometime in the future. So, somebody who is at an add on to your account is just $20 a month, and they have a one-time $10 enrollment fee. So, remember that all of you are on month-to-month contracts, we have a one-time $40 enrollment fee for the primary account holder. It would like you to take advantage of the $1 first month, here at the top-ranked of Broken Arrow gyms. So, if you don’t want to pay the enrollment fee now, you can move that to later and really truly just pay the $1 today. For the first 30 days, you’ll get a trial of the gym, and then after that, you will be enrolled in the regular rate if you do not cancel within that 30-day window.

Keep in mind that we do have video surveillance all on campus, and at this time we are not requiring masks my head is still in college we are not requiring masks, and we just ask that you watch on equipment after you use it to help us stay as clean as possible for future guests. We are not unlimited hours either, even though many of our competitors are! We are truly 24/7 access and we will stay that way! So, by signing or liability waiver, you are also giving us permission to take pictures and photos of all remember and use it for marketing purposes, here at the top of Broken Arrow gyms. This will include social media platforms. We hope that you give us a call or you visit our website!