It is important to know your goals to be able to establish what you need to do in proper sequence. If you are searching for the right type of gym, you need to look no further than our Broken Arrow gyms. Search for Broken Arrow Gyms and the Hub gym will be at the top of the list. There’s a reason that we are at the top of the list! We are strong and thriving Community full of people that are focus on their goals in it push themselves to enter the gym facility every single day. Keep in mind that we are a facility that is open 24/7! That’s right, that means that you can come in at any time of the day, whatever you would like. We hope that you know that we offer this to you at all times. This actually does fit the schedules of some people and they appreciate that we are open 24/7. We actually do see some people open some people enter the gym at the ungodly hours of the morning. It seems to suit them right. If you are searching for Broken Arrow Gyms, you should give the Hub gym a visit. We are conveniently located right at the North End of the Rose District. You will see that the historic and beautiful rose District also features many shops and restaurants and other things to do. You will see that we are conveniently situated by Zen tattoo and Rise grind and ride espresso Cafe, and we are located across the street from Goodyear Tire. There might be other Broken Arrow Gyms but they do not offer the wonderful and sell the community that we offer. You’ll feel welcomed with open arms as soon as he stepped foot in the door. We hope that you will give us a try and be a new member here with us. Don’t forget that as a brand new member, you have an orientation. We just recently started doing the new member orientation with some of the trainers. You would come on an evening and get to know some of them and be introduced everything that is offered to you and be formally welcome to the facility! We welcome you and we are glad that you are getting ready to join. We hope that you would give us a chance by visiting us online or calling the phone number. We will be here to answer your phone calls and answer all the questions you might have! We would like to connect with you today. You can also check out all the supplements we have in our front desk area, as we feature many protein items and even lactose-free options for people who cannot eat dairy on a regular basis. And we have had good reviews about it! It is lactose free, but it certainly does not compromise on taste. We can’t wait to connect with you and get you plugged in, and we hope you see why we are ranked above the other Broken Arrow Gyms! You also have the option to schedule a tour with us, and you are not signing up yet as a member when you do this. We hope you will consider this. Keep in mind that your first month is only a dollar with us and then you’d be enrolled at the regular rate but you are not obligated to start at the regular rate if you do not like your first month. But not often have we had people turn us down after getting to try that first month for a dollar! We can certainly be confident that our $1 for the first month will get you coming back to us and he will stay committed to us. So, you’ll be enrolled at the regular $39 a month rate. Depending on the type of work that you do you can get a discount. So, you can get discounted as well for family members. If you do add-ons, your add-ons are only $20 a month while you are at the regular rate. Depending on the type of work you do, if you work in the Rose District, or if you are a teacher, you work in the Medical field, you are a first responder, any of these options if you work them then you get the discount of $20 a month instead of the regular $39 a month. Compare these rates to other Broken Arrow Gyms! We offer complimentary towel service to all of our members during office hours. And as well as the sauna, the sauna is offered to all our members as well at no additional charge! And people love our sauna. It is a medical-grade infrared sauna that you can go to the front desk and Reserve in one-hour time slots. You simply have to ask them and they will just reserve that time for you, and remember that that is not offered to you at any additional charge! You simply get it with your membership! You were also exposed to all of the group classes that we have to offer here at the Hub gym, including yoga, boxing, Samba, a ladies only free weights class, we got the Hub tribe, and the ever-popular and growing game changers classes! This is a deal that you just simply can’t beat and you can meet people that you would get along with great here! Because we truly our family been encouraged is one another! Don’t be shy to ask why we top the Broken Arrow Gyms. We also feature this awesome wall toward the back of the facility. This is an inspiring wall that has phrases that are personalized. The phrases are written by our very own members. Our members get the chance to write one or two sentences about something they accomplished in the day, and I can be the day, or the prior week, or the prior month. Whatever is something that they are proud of that they achieved. You can either write your name or you can make it anonymous. This is such a wonderful personalized touch to our facility. We pride ourselves in showing at whenever we give tours to new prospects.