We know that you were looking for a gym that empowers you and challenges you to do your best. Whether you are looking for just a regular facility that has standard line equipment or one that truly has a positive atmosphere with great staff members and clients and members that encourage one another, we are the place for you! We believe the Hub gym, it’s considered that the Broken Arrow Gyms, because it is so much more than just a facility to work out. The Hub gym has hired professional trainers to empower you and equip you with exactly what you need to do to succeed, as well as standard equipment but also top-of-the-line equipment and we even have one of the few belt squats in Oklahoma here! We have plenty of things to offer you including a group fitness class room area that is offered to in your membership, cable machines, row machines, a high medical-grade infrared sauna that is safer to use in the regular traditional steam saunas that might be more difficult for people with respiratory issues to use and make you sweat profusely, we also have a free weights area with weights going up to a hundred 35 lbs. as well as kettlebells, we’ve got the easy and the more difficult ones, we also have rubber mats and stretch bands to help you and your recovery because that is just as important as the work at! We are considered the Broken Arrow Gyms because we encourage a family feel. Members here like to come back and they don’t dread working out, they like being here because of the positive atmosphere and the small feel. But it’s surprisingly not crowded and you can get on it anytime, even though you have a steady flow of members walking in and out at all times of the day and that is because we are 24/7 access! We also have plenty of squat racks, deadlift platform, like machines, who’s got cable machines and treadmills and ellipticals and bikes, as well as a Stairmaster that gives you an intense climb! Are dedicated staff will ensure that you have everything you need to succeed they want to help you and see you grow and progressed in your journey, that is what the Hub gym is all about. So, you can also have full access to the supplement shop which is in the front desk area on the west side of the facility. This supplement shop has protein items such as bars and cookies and Shakes, and drinks, and we even offer lactose free options for those who have trouble and issues digesting Dairy and we have received positive reviews from these. We also offer free samples to allow you to try any time so just come in and give it a try because he want you to try before you buy because we know that it can be overwhelming to look at all the variety of supplements you can try. But we want you to refuel properly so that you can stay on top of your workout and health. Do not forget to take advantage of our complimentary towel service and also are sauna that is available to you during office hours. All you have to do as a member is to schedule a time to reserve it with the front desk, you get one hour at a time, and this is included to you with your membership at no additional cost, making our gym another reason we are considered the Broken Arrow Gyms! We would be more than happy and pleased and delighted to take you on a tour of the facility and answer any questions you may have; you can set this up with us anytime. Don’t forget that we want you to feel empowered and encouraged, we want you to know that we truly support you and we see you as more than a number in our gym. We value each one of our clients and thank them sincerely for their business and thank them sincerely for choosing us over the other gyms. We know that we are considered the Broken Arrow Gyms because we have many many clients tell us time and time again. You can check out our solid Google reviews to convince you what we mean what we say and you can find those online, you can also watch our real video testimonials on our website from clients that are still with us and members and trainers that are still with us today. We want you to know what that we mean what we say and we will truly value and we will value your business and appreciate it, and we will help you by giving you a step-by-step process because, whenever you join our gym if you will become a new member and you will be able to sit down and do a first step assessment. That is another reason that we are considered the the Broken Arrow Gyms is because you get to do a free consultation with one of our trainers, they will do an in-depth assessment with you to see what your goals are and what your Needs & Wants are and how to get there, they will take you to Do an in-body scan where you will get your body fat percentage in your BMI because this will help the trainer better assess your goals and where you need to start and what you need to do. This is not requiring you to sign up for personal training by any means. Although we have some seen some of our now members convert to sign up for personal training because they were pleased with this for step assessment that is because we want to introduce you to the benefits of what it would be like to work with a personal trainer but you as a member or by no means obligated to sign up for personal training. We just want to expose you to it so that is a free part of being a member. You will get your first step you will get your first month for a dollar!