At The Hub Gym and Broken Arrow, our focus and part of our motto are to help others become the best version of their selves. Most of us never achieve a fraction of who we Canby. We experience a simple basic portion of life where we achieve mediocrity and eventually slip slowly Old age where we fade into nothingness and no one remembers us, nobody values who we were in life, and the impact we had was unfelt from the very beginning. From a very young age, we are allowed to engage in worthless activities both through our phones and mobile devices, television, school, And extracurricular activities. We don’t reward meritocracy. We just say oh great job for trying. It’s a waste of human potential. From a young age if you invested even 25% Off your total day that is normally spent on TV video games, silly school assignments, and pointless after school activities where they give you participation trophies, By the time you were in your 20s you could be one of the most impactful humans on earth with our Broken Arrow Gyms.

But we don’t. We keep saying “just let kids be kids” and “oh they have their whole lives ahead of them, let them enjoy it right now”. The further we extend this childish part of our lives, the lower our potential in life can be. They say at this point young adults will not grow up until they are almost in their 30s. That Hass to be one of the saddest Statistics for us to ever read. 100 years ago you were expected to be working by the time you were a teenager. Perhaps that is why wages today are so low because humans are not capable of producing the same level of value that we used to, because we don’t grow the way we can. But let’s say you did invest in your life when you were younger, and now you were 20 years old having already gained skills for life that make you valuable and impactful to society, what is next? You’ve gained value through what you’ve done, and you have started to impact the lives of those around you, and now the next stage takes it to the next level.

And that doesn’t mean go into politics, as politics is just a way for people to make money in disguise it as goodwill towards other people. But instead, grow something That changes the world. You can change the world by simply living one day at a time with a purpose. Living life on purpose allows you to impact others with every interaction. You could start a business, start a movement, Write books, create YouTube videos and content, write music, and you so much more they just work a job to give you the best Broken Arrow Gyms.

Many times the phrase people say by this point is I don’t know-how. But we know the first step is diligence. You have to commit to grow and learn every single day. You have to focus on Goals ahead of you and the things that you need to do to be successful. If you live every day hoping something goods going to happen, nothing good will come of it. You have to have a plan with every day in front of you because without one you will go nowhere. In other articles, we have said If you fail to plan, then you should plan to fail.

Now that you’ve understood the importance of planning, you have to know where to go to grow. Every hour you spend wasting time on YouTube, watching TV, playing video games, or whatever wasteful thing you choose to do, choose to invest that time into becoming a better and more impactful person. At The Hub Gym, we encourage our trainers to invest in themselves in many ways. We encourage them to have goals in their fitness. We encourage them to have a vision for where each of their clients will be the top Broken Arrow Gyms.

We encourage all of our trainers do you have For where they want their training business to be. And then we hold them accountable. Enter, they do the same for each of their clients. You can do this same thing for your own life. Get off the couch which you normally spend many hours wasting time on. Wake up from your sleep that you normally get too little of because of the time you waste on the couch. Quit saying ” But it’s too difficult, or it takes too much time, or I don’t know how.” You will never learn how to impact the lives of other people if you keep sitting on your butt. Get off your butt and invest in yourself, invest in others, invest in growing, And take your first step to change the world to get the best Broken Arrow Gyms.

Many people by their 40s reach what we call a midlife crisis. It’s disguised as saying “I’m just not where I wanted to be at this point in my life” but we all know it means I don’t think who I am is valuable. And we reach this point because we’re not honest with ourselves to say I’m not where I should be because of my own life decisions. As of today, you can take your first step to become an impactful person. Your first step is to choose to learn something new every day. It could be gaining knowledge, It could be gaining a skill, it could be perfecting your craft, it could be choosing a craft, it doesn’t matter. Observe the importance of a day well lived and you will never waste a day again. This is what we call the 4% rule to get with our Broken Arrow Gyms.

If you invest just Percent of your day into becoming a better person, you will spend 365 hours a year becoming a better person and after 30 years you will become a master at what you focus your life on. Sounds like a lot of work, but the alternative is being mediocre from the beginning of your life until the end of your life when you die with no value, no impact, very little money to your name, and nothing to show for the effort you’ve put into your life. Look at all the people that have impacted the world so far. Did any of these Calls just live on a simple scale? In no way some did, but in reality, they were all a master of their craft. They mastered the art of impact. The stage you have to overcome is understanding and knowing who you can be.

If you don’t I understand what your potential is, you will never take a step to achieve it. Today we have this stupid phrase meaning I am who I am. And there is a load of crap. You are who you choose to be. If you choose to not impact the world, that is up to you, not the choice of anybody else. So if you don’t take the time to achieve who you Canby And learn who that person is, you can’t get mad at anybody but yourself for never achieving anything beyond mediocrity with our Broken Arrow Gyms.