Do you want accountability a personal trainer will guide you and keep you accountable every step of the way? Join our classes for accountability as well at no extra charge. At no additional charge, included in your membership are all our fun group classes. Also, recently, we have introduced the game changers classes in the group X Fitness room, which are led by our personal trainers they alternate. Alternating personal trainers will lead you in the game changers classes and it is referred to as group personal training. Instead of the normal membership rate the group The Game Changers classes also make this Broken Arrow Gyms unique. They are offered at a higher rate but very affordable compared to one-on-one personal training so it is a good option for many of our members to have that. Don’t let fear stop you from joining today, it will be one of the greatest decisions you ever make because you will be transferring your life little by little, and before you know it, you will look back in a few years and realize how much progress you made. But we know it all begins with that first step, and that is why we offer the first step program to you when you are a new member. Where you sit with a personal trainer and do a consultation and get introduced to what it would be like to be with a personal trainer. You will be taken to the in-body scan to get your body fat percentage and your BMI and all those measurements, so that the personal trainer can best assess what you need and how to tailor the plan to best fit your needs. Call us today! We would love to get you plugged in today. What else can you do to keep yourself accountable? At our Broken Arrow Gyms, we will help ensure you stay on track with people that can hold you to the goals you planned! We want to see you succeed. Without accountability, people’s goals often fall by the wayside, are seen as unimportant, or are left forgotten. The Hub Gym has established a strong community that knows the power and importance of working together and constantly lifting each other up! We understand that you need people to keep you to your goals. Our trainers know and have seen the formula for success. They themselves are living testimonies of life transformation! They are walking success stories and they desire to share what they’ve learned with you. Let them sit down with you and chat, and you will hear firsthand what they’ve done to ensure success for their former clients. The personal trainers at the Hub Gym are not new to seeing frustration, hurt, resistance, discouragement, but they are also no strangers to seeing resilience, empowerment, dedication, ambition, and all of this has happened because of strong accountability! They have seen clients time and time again, achieve things the client’s thought were way out of reach. They have seen clients cry and laugh and punch the wall and then hug their trainer all in a couple sessions. The trainers are prepared for whatever you are facing and can help you. See for yourself when you call the Hub Gym today! Call at 918 994 4299, or visit the website online at We are so excited to get in touch with you. What else can you do to hold yourself accountable? Are there friends or family members that will like to get in the habit of going to the gym with you? This will ensure you develop a steadier routine, to have someone doing it with you. Whatever it may be, start thinking of what exactly you need. This is a Broken Arrow Gyms that prides itself in the value of community and accountability partners. Join one of our fitness classes and you will immediately be held accountable. We have many fitness classes where you will be surrounded by other likeminded people on a similar fitness journey. We offer Zumba, yoga, boxing, game changers classes, ladies only weight lifting, and more! We are excited to get you plugged in and moving. You are guaranteed to fall in love with the Hub Gym, and you will not want to search for any other Broken Arrow Gyms. This is a place many members have said simply feels like home, and there is no other place like it. You can also visit our website and you will be able to get the help and assistance you need get started with us. You need to give it a try! You can receive a tour of our amazing facility, you can visit with the staff, see our members working out, you can see our sauna (which is also included in your membership), you can check out our awesome belt squat, one of the few in the state of Oklahoma! Yes, we own one of those and my, is it popular. Everyone wants to use it! These are few and far in between, but this Broken Arrow Gyms recently acquired one for itself, and it has been a hit with our members. You can also check out our outside area, which has large tires, sacks, and atlas stones! These are for some serious, heavy duty members. The back room is also dedicated to those that desire to complete heavy duty work outs, as it is stocked full with several (that’s right, several!) squat racks, a deadlifting platform, leg machines, and the belt squat is back there as well. We also offer complimentary towel service for you during our office hours, and our members really appreciate this. Check out our full supplement shop as well, stocked with proteins, pre-workout, nutritious meals, drinks, and did we mention we even have lactose-free protein powder available! And it has not compromised on taste in any way. Members love to try our free samples we regularly have of our supplements in the front desk area. So, come and check us out, you will see that we will take care of you and we can become your accountability partner! Don’t wait any longer to join the Hub Gym!