The HUB Gym has absolutely incredible reviews. You can see our reviews if you simply search online for the Hub Gym of Broken Arrow gyms! We will offer incredible services that will start off with the first month as a member for $1. The $1 for the first month connect try out for 30 days the entire facility, including the sauna including all of the group classes. Please for classes are all included in your membership. The only one not included in the game changers classes, and the teachers vary throughout the week combining different types of workouts.

Will be able to see that we have a lot of variety here at the hub gin and with $1 for the first month there is absolutely nothing to lose! We will guarantee that you will be able to reach your health and fitness goals. If you were looking for an awesome experience you need to head on over here. there is a reason why we are ranked the top of Broken Arrow gyms. See why people keep coming back and why we have faithful memberships that keep growing every day. Here at the Hub Gym, we have members that have been committed to us and loyal for years! That is because they feel like family here.

That is because they know there is no other gym that provides them with everything they need while providing a fantastic, positive, family atmosphere. We thrive in our community. We know how to push you to succeed. You can’t help but smile when you walk into the gym. People love being here. Did you know the sauna is also included in your membership? This is a medical-grade, infra-red technology sauna, so it is safer than most of the traditional steam saunas. No, you will not sweat profusely, but you will still sweat, and reap the same health benefits. It is particularly better for older members and members with respiratory issues. Heading to join a gym. But the best way to ensure that you consistently go to the gym is also having accountability.

Well, that is something we offer with all of our classes. In fact, as a new member, you will join it be a new member orientation that we host every third Thursday of the month period here you will be introduced to all of our staff our personal trainers in the owners and you will get a feel for the type of community that we thrive on it support here. This type of community is one of love and acceptance. See you will not feel that ugly gym intimidation but you might feel it other big-box gyms. Don’t forget the complementary tell service that we offered during office hours. The gym’s office hours are 9 AM to 7 PM Monday – Friday, and 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.

But the gym itself, and all the equipment (minus the sauna), is available to you 24/7! With your RFID tag, you have 24/7 access to the gym. Consider upgrading your membership, into the membership that includes the game changers as well! With the game changers, your membership gives you access to all the game changers classes, and these are an absolute blast! They are led by various different personal trainers throughout the week, and they can be described as small group personal training. You will get the benefit of doing various workouts throughout the week, led by our qualified and certified personal trainers themselves! You will not have to pay the price of individual one-on-one training, but will still reap great benefits! Along with that, you will be kept to a high level of accountability.

The people you meet and work out with will continue to see you and hope to see your face at the next work out session, and that will give you a great sense of community as well as hold you to a higher standard. Let’s hope that you are going to consider how much this will be an asset to your life! You will love it. You will absolutely love it and you will not regret your decision to join the Hub Gym, the very best of the best of Broken Arrow Gyms! We hope you will realize the incredible deal you will get here, and it will not beat your experience with other Broken Arrow Gyms! You will also experience the great relationships we cultivate with our staff, with our members, even with the owners! Because here at The Hub Gym, the owners are very interactive with our members! They want to get to know the members, and they are not stand-offish.

They want to know our members and create a really strong sense of community. You will find real relationships and a positive atmosphere. You will understand too, that it’s not JUST about relationships. We do NOT neglect the importance of the WHY for people coming here. People come to the Hub Gym to do serious workouts. They come to get a serious workout, to strengthen their body, and to have serious cardio and heart workout! So, we do not neglect working out hard for relationships. Here, at the top gym of Broken Arrow gyms, you can have both! Come try us out today and give us a call at 918 994 4299.

You can also visit our website online at Here, you will find awesome video testimonials, and we try to post new videos regularly! You will see videos of our personal trainers, our members, and our staff there! You will also quickly get more information on our website and you can always give us a call! Also, do not hesitate to check our regularly-held charity boot camps! With these, held on a Saturday once a month, we partner with local charitable organizations in Broken Arrow or the surrounding Tulsa area, and hold a Bootcamp session! All the proceeds from those who attend will go to the organization! This is a great way to get involved and support your community! Try us out today.