And remember that when you go visit Broken Arrow Gyms, your workout should be enjoyable. Also, it does not have to take an hour. You can have a very effective workout if it is well structured. It could even be 15 to 30 minutes. and remember that when some people visit the gym and they will do a quick high intensity workout for perhaps 20 minutes and call it good. with this, they are still getting their blood flowing and their heart rate up which are all health benefits that will benefit you in the long run and it’s okay to experiment with different work out. Do not feel like you have to stick with the same exercise with going to the gym. Or else it’s just going to be really boring! You want you to feel like you have a true home at your Broken Arrow Gyms. What’s more that will help you with your consistency and dedication. Because, if you actually desire to go to a place, that feels like home, then you will want to come more often! It will help you go regularly! You should also try and consider bringing a friend. If you bring a friend or family member, you can sign them onto your account at a discounted membership of $20 a month. It is a great deal has one that you should definitely compared to other Broken Arrow Gyms. If you if your friend does not want to get a regular membership and does not want to commit, but simply just wants to come visit with you for one time and one time only. Then we also have other options! You can sign up your friend for that one day, and they can just get a $10 day pass. With this, there’s no commitment for them, and it is completely stress-free. Just $10 for a day pass can get them in the door and working out with you. You can also check out some of the videos that we have posted on our website, where we show you different features that people love about the gym Community. We like to interview regularly, and keep it up-to-date, so those videos that you see, are our regular members, and many of them are still here with us. These videos feature not just members but also our staff, like our personal trainers on our front desk people. We also have a couple of videos with the owners talking. It is not uncommon that you will see each other just chatting away, owners, staff members, trainers and members and visitors alike, calling each other by name! That is because this is a strong Community where we really believe in relationships. This is what makes it feel like home away from home for many people. People love coming to the gym and just hang out, chatting with each other but also working hard. Just because we have a strong sense of relationship doesn’t mean any of that driving ambition to achieve your goals goes away! It just drives it up! We have a wall that is very personalized over by the back of the facility. This wall is covered in little statements and phrases written by our very own gym members. The gym members like to write on the wall little things are big things that they’ve accomplished within the week, month, or even a year! Some people write their names, and some people leave it Anonymous. Either way, it is a truly personalized and inspiring touch to the facility. We love showing this wall to our new prospects that take a tour with us. We really enjoyed when we get to that section of the facility, and they get to look at the wall and are just amazed at all of the phrases and sayings in statements that are on there! It’s inspiring and people love it. Pretty soon, yours will be on there as well! If you don’t have a pen on you, just ask the front desk. The front desk will be happy to give you a Sharpie or marker so that you can write your own Mara make it personalized as well. Who really love to encourage our clients just feel like this is their home and to make it their home! We don’t want you just coming and then going and coming in and going, and not really ever knowing anyone. We want you to feel like this is your place, and that you’re safe here and that you are welcome to move along here. We have shirts and merchandise to that we just started making that have things to remind our clients and members that they are powerful and more than enough to achieve their goals! What else do you need in your life to keep you going? What do you were considering Broken Arrow Gyms, check out the supplements they have as well! Your health and fitness are our number one priority. We hope that we can keep you at the Top. If you don’t take care of your health in your body, then other things in your life will be compromised as well, and you will not be productive or feel like you have energy. So, to do this we also equipped you with supplements that you can get at the front desk area! With cup protein supplements, whether it be shakes which come in different flavors, or we’ve got the protein tubs and protein bars, protein cookies, and we even have lactose-free options, which our members love! There are free samples offered at all times so that you know what you are getting into. Wake up pre-workout, we’ve got our supplements that help curb appetite as well! We’ve got drinks and powders. We also like have recently partnered with a company called macro meals! You should really try out their meals, they are delicious. They’ve got lots of different flavors and cultural influences on their meals, and these meals are designed to curb your appetite and also keep you refueled and recharged and have energy throughout the day. The big thing about Broken Arrow Gyms, particularly the Hub Gym, is that they have such a great business partner. Macro Meals has the perfect ratio in balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. So, if all your Macros in perfect portion in one meal. People like to come in and purchase them at the front desk. Just on the go, because we always have a priest preset amount. But you can also go online and order a preset amount, and then when it’s delivered and ready to be picked up at the store you can get it then. There are lots of options!