If you sign up friends under you or family members, they will be signed up at the $20 monthly rate. The regular membership is $39, but depending on what type of work you do you can qualify for lower monthly membership rates! We have got people in the medical field, and First Responders, and people that work in the Broken Arrow Rose District, which is where we are located. So, all these people qualify for the $20 a month rate. Also, if you are a schoolteacher you will definitely qualify for the $20 a month. So, it is really something to consider and something that shouldn’t stress you out! Right here in the hub gym in Broken Arrow. So, what you will need to start out with is finding out what best suits you and what you would like to get accustomed to. Are you looking for friends, or are you looking for Community or are you just looking for a solid place with good equipment? All these things you can find right here at the best of Broken Arrow gyms. So, what you need to start out with, is finding out what best suits you. Do let us know what you like to do and want to get into. Are you looking for a community, or are you just looking for a solid place with good equipment? It’s all right here at the Hub gym! We like to encourage you to just go out and make solid comparisons! There is a reason that we have been considered the top ranked of the Broken Arrow gyms for a long time. You will see that there is a reason that we have a small community feel, and we like to keep it like this for sure. So, you can also check out the store now by signing up for a tour at the front. So, what other areas do you feel restricted? Is it finances, or is it overall motivation? Is it time? Well did you also know that our Hub gym in Broken Arrow is open 24/7 to you as well? So that means that you can come in whenever you would like, whether it is the incredibly early hours of the morning or super late at night, we have it open. Now, the front desk in the supplement shop and the place where you can get the macro meals will be closed. And that also means the sauna will be closed, because you reserve a time in the sauna through the front desk. But as far as the gym itself with all of the equipment, and weights, machinery, and mats, that is open to you 24/7! So with your new chip, you would just scan it into the door, and it would let you right in! You do not need to check in to the front desk at all. This is all for you, and such a great deal that a lot of our members are very thankful for! A lot of them just have really varying schedules that are not consistent, and a 24/7 gym allows the people the chance to truly make a routine of going to the gym and having no excuse of, “I don’t have time”! That is out the door when you have 24/7 Broken Arrow gyms. It just takes a little bit of discipline and seeing when you can go. Now, if you want to gain the most of our membership, then do realize that not only do we also include the sauna in your regular membership, but we include all of our awesome group classes. That’s right! These classes are not charging additional cost, they are included right in the membership. These classes are led by our trainers and include boxing, yoga, Zumba, we’ve got a ladies only free weights class. All of the above is offered to you in part of your membership. So, you should really take time to think about checking us out. We really do desire to please you and make you happy here at one of the top Broken Arrow gyms. We are all about community and showing their members that they are powerful, that they are more than enough to accomplish their goals. And you will see that proof right on our wall towards the back of the facility. We have a wall that is dedicated to our members to personalize it, and they write the goals that they accomplished and tackled within the day, the week, the month of the year! It is truly a very inspiring to look on that wall. That would be inspiring and also exciting to have you one day at your little statement on there as well for our tourist prospects to look at and be inspired! And also, it is a great reminder for the current numbers and we never get tired of looking at it. It is just awesome. If it is ever a time or if there is ever a time to dry out a gym, it is now! We can set you up with a personalized tour where you will walk with a personal trainer. The facility and they will answer all of your questions. And please, do not hesitate to ask them any questions that are probing your mind. They are there to help and make you feel as comfortable as possible. We want to show you that we can meet all of your needs here at the Hub gym. No questions are off limits. You will get to take advantage a seat or around the facility. We also have a belt squat, which is one of the few in the state of Oklahoma! That’s amazing. We also have an outdoor area towards the back, and we are one of the few Broken Arrow gyms with Atlas stones, kegs and tires. So, people really like this as well. It is a challenging addition to our gym facility and we hope that you will be a part of it. You should call us at 918-994-4299, or you can visit us online. And also check out our Google reviews and our video testimonials to find everything that you need to learn about the Hub gym in Broken Arrow. We are so excited to have you join us. We hope that you will talk about us to your friends and family members. Pretty much anyone who is open to learning about the gym will love the Hub Gym. We really hope that you would take the time to consider us by checking us out online and visiting us. Our friendly staff will be there and we’ll be waiting to answer all of your questions and meet your needs. We want to you to feel like you are welcome here and that you are powerful enough to accomplish your goals.