Looking for a gym with exciting group fitness classes? Are you wishing you didn’t have to pay more than the regular membership for these classes? Well look no further! It is common for people to dread going to the gym in the first place to exercise. Well, it is even more so when they cannot get special additions like group fitness classes. Why can’t you have it all? Don’t search for Broken Arrow gyms that are subpar. Don’t settle for one that gives you mediocre service. At the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow, we offer fun group fitness classes that are full of variety. These classes are included in your regular membership! We’ve got boxing, yoga, Zumba, ladies-only weightlifting, “the Hub tribe”, and more. Don’t wait and sign up today. We’ve got people here established in the gym that are very excited about health and fitness. Are staff have seen the Broken Arrow gyms members implementing goals that they’ve had for a long time and finally achieving them. They are starting to ingrain and new habits and make them part of their lifestyle. They’re starting to develop habits that become more natural over time. Here at the Hub gym, we really care about giving you a positive experience every time. When you are with your family members and when you are with your co-workers, you always want them to be enjoyable people to spend time with? Right? Wouldn’t you want the same thing at your local gym, it will help. Feel like such a dread to go there.

We want you to look forward to going to the hub gym, instead of dreading it. Think about your workout as well. Does your workout have to be an hour or more? Some people are very intense about this. Your workout can be beneficial and impactful depending on how you structure it. And it wouldn’t have to be very long! You can do high interval intensity training, HIIT workouts which are brief but powerful spurts of exercise. We have plenty of that type of training. Why don’t you sign up for a tour? You can sign up for a tour as a brand-new Prospect and you are not coming to the gym at all, we know that you need to try before you buy and that you are still making your decision, I see you tour facility. We will start you in the front desk area where you will walk with one of the trainers through the full supplement shot that we have in the front desk area. You will get to see all the macro meals and the drinks and protein supplements that we offer. They will then take you to the beginning of the gym, where you will see cable machines, and plenty of attachments, you will see our line of ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, the ski erg, Stairmaster and all of them are by giant Windows which allowed plenty of sunlight in and make it feel very bright.

As you continue going, you’ll see the group meeting room where the staff meets or people can wait before meeting with a trainer. If they show up early, they typically sit here. Then when you keep walking, you’ll see more machines and up bench press, you’ll see our large and spacious free weights area with weights up 235 lb. Plenty of mirrors are over there. You should compare this to other Broken Arrow gyms, and as you take a left, you will go down to see more machines, you will our row machines, and our stack of “EZ” bars, kettlebells, you got plenty of kettlebells and plenty of people use an! We make sure to wipe down our equipment regularly and routinely. We also have we also have bands and rubber mats, because we care about your recovery as well! That is just as important as the workout. Then you will pass our group X room, which is where all of our fitness classes take place! As we keep on walking you will see at the end of the hallway after you pass the bathrooms, our heavy lifting room which is for the more intense lifters. We top other Broken Arrow gyms with this.

We’ve got plenty of squat racks, a deadlifting platform, and we even have a belt squat! These are all things you should take into consideration. And then, when you turn around and keep walking toward the beginning of the facility again with the trainer that is guiding you, you will also see the sauna. This is an awesome sauna with medical grade infrared technology. It is safer than the more traditional steam saunas and it is awesome to use! You get to use that as a member at no additional cost! It is included in their membership. The only thing you have to do is to reserve a time with the front desk and you get one hour slots. There’s complimentary towel service during office hours for everyone. We have got plenty of people who like to go with their family members. That being said, you can have family member add-ons and friend add-ons for $20 a month! You get your first dollar yourself for only a month! What a deal that is.

People really love this deal, and we are confident that it will bring you back to be a lifelong member, where at least a committed member for a little while! We really do pride ourselves in everything we offer. And our community is awesome. We take care of our people. We are committed to our people. We are committed to you and want you to be a part of it. Don’t forget that your first month is a dollar, and people really take advantage of this. After that, if you don’t want to continue us any longer, we will completely understand. It is time not to wait anymore! Come check out information on our fun group classes online at www.thehub.com. We have plenty of flyers and informationals! Stop searching for other Broken Arrow gyms, and come visit us today and schedule your tour before making your decision. We want you to try before you buy, and we understand that completely. We cannot wait to work with you at our Broken Arrow Gyms!