If you were looking for a Broken Arrow Gyms that will help you achieve your goals get what you need and be everything you wanted then give our gym a call at 918-994-4299. We are a broken Arrow gyms with the only awesome 24/7 access where are you can come into the gym anytime you want without any questions asked and he will be able to be at the gym you want to be. Everyone who comes in our gym is able to use all of the cardio they want with treadmills ellipticals bikes stairs and so much more. All of our members also have the best access to lockers showers and bathrooms including an infrared sauna best for your health and the best kind of well-being you can have.

We have the best amenities at the hub gym in broken Arrow like are free first step assessment where we show you how to be healthy and have an amazing life at the best gym where you will have the most amazing access to equipment and all the gains you want. The first step assessment teaches you about how to get healthy in this place no matter where you started from. If you started over wait we can help you to become not overweight. If you wanted to build muscle we can help you build on more muscle than you thought you ever could have but using a very simple method where we help you eat and work out in the best way for your body. Our free first step assessment will also teach you the best ways to eat so you can accomplish all of the goals you thought you could without fear of doing it wrong. You can choose at this time to start working with hey Broken Arrow personal trainer who will help you achieve all of your goals and become the healthiest version of yourself who can do squats and pick people up if you want to or run a mile without even breaking a sweat.

We also offer free community classes every Saturday to everyone during our Saturday open house. You do not need to become a member at the best Broken Arrow gyms yet, but everyone who does always enjoys their experience and has the best time. Saturdays are also the best time to pick up your macro meals food and have delicious food that has been made by a professional chef who will make amazing meals and give you plenty of carbs fat and protein to be healthy. If on that Saturday you become a member you were going to be able to also join our free group fitness classes with all of our memberships that allow for you to do boxing or Zumba or a ladies only weightlifting class or the tribe which is our high intensity workout class or yoga which is great for both strength and flexibility. At the hub gym of broken Arrow gyms we give all of our members a free benefits card and amenities list that show you everything else amazing about this amazing gym.

Besides being in an amazing environment filled with passionate people hard-working individuals and the best of Broken Arrow gyms, The Hub gym also has no yearly fees no long-term contracts and it’s no joke that everything is exactly the way we show you. All of our members come to the hub gym expecting they will have multiple fees and hidden expenses they would not have originally had but we do not charge hidden fees to our members. We give our members everything we tell them we will provide including many more things we don’t even show them. We give our members a free infrared sauna experience which is amazing we have an entire supplement shop which they can use to better achieve all of their goals as well as get more fit right now! But the most important thing is still the free first step assessment we give to all of our new members. Every single member is coached in the ways they will be most successful in the gym according to their goals and dreams in fitness. We do not make all of our members take the first step but every member that does the first step has more progress and a far better experience at the gym then every member who does not do the first step program. After you’ve had the most incredible experience at the hub gym we give you the opportunity to bring a guest for the first time totally free and then after your guest realize they love it here and want to be here forever you can either bring them for a small guest fee or add them onto your membership for less than what our standard memberships are. When you add them as a member onto your account it gives them the freedom to also take the free first step assessment and we will treat them exactly the same as we treated you. They will have access to all of the amenities such as true 24 seven access the free first step assessment the free infrared sauna experience, clean and beautiful showers and lockers, are free fitness classes including ladies only weightlifting, the tribe, yoga, Zumba, boxing, and many more, and we love that there are no velociraptors in the gym anymore.

If you are in the Broken Arrow area and you were looking for an amazing gym to help you achieve all of your goals and become as fit as you could possibly be where you will not be judged then give us a call at 918-994-4299 or visit us online at www.thehubgym.com Where you can also interact and see how hundreds of other members have achieve their goals and become extremely healthy by being a part of this incredible gym. Your first month is only one dollar and after that we will find the rate you best qualify for and get you set up with your free first step assessment so you can achieve your goals too!