You need to find a way to start anticipating a good workout at our Broken Arrow gyms. Not just dreading every time you are driving to the gym comedy upcoming exercise routine. That just sound so miserable! It is about time you start enjoying your workouts. There are way too many people out there that have figured out how to enjoy heading to one of the Broken Arrow gyms out there, learning different formulas and routines, ways to vary it up, friends to do it with, to make you enjoy your time, that there is simply no more excuses! We know that our members that have been reaching their goals are not just achieving short-term goals. They’re implementing habits into their lifestyle that will help them achieve long-term! These people will find success in the long-term and be able to completely reset their lifestyle. They will be able to promote habits that overtime will just be ingrained into their ways of thinking and they will no longer have to work hard and go against the grain to implement these. Our staff really cares about helping you out. We want to make your experience memorable. Every time you walk in the door, we wanted to be a fantastic experience for you, we truly mean that! So, you can vary up your workout routines. You can change it up. We want you to find Broken Arrow gyms that feels like home. We want you to be at a gym that you feel comfortable at. So, have you considered asking people at work, at church, your family members, if they would want to start working out with you? Because we know that keeping each other accountable is a big deal too. And a lot of people rely on this, because it truly helps you stay on track. When somebody else is asking you how your workout routines are going, and they’re waiting to see the progress, it holds you to a higher standard.

You have to report to someone else! Somebody that has expectations, and somebody that sees her potential. Make sure that they are lifting you up and keeping you encouraged. That is exactly what we like to do at the Hub gym. Even strangers like to lift each other up. There has to be ways for you to look forward to your time at the Hub Gym. If you don’t work on this, you will end up feeling defeated, and will no longer desire to go to one of our Broken Arrow gyms again! This is the truth. People become discouraged so quickly and so easily, and base their decisions off of emotions. Well, we don’t want you to be like that any longer. You will be very back and forth about your commitment to the gym. We are asking you to step it up! We are asking you to challenge yourself! We truly are asking you and challenging you to take it to the next level. You do not have to be there for an excruciatingly long time. You can do a HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) workout!

Now, have you ever heard of a HIIT workout? A HIIT workout can be a short burst of workout. A short burst of exercise. Your workouts can be 15-30 minutes. You can still really pump your blood and get it going! It can be a positive experience and very beneficial, even with a small amount of time spent at the gym. Going to the gym should be a positive experience, for sure. Think about creative and fun exercises, fun ways to get your blood flowing. Think about how even a short amount of time several times throughout the week can change your life dramatically in the long term! And you need to rely on this fact! We will offer your first month for $1! Please, think about how much you could take advantage of this offer! Think about it all! We will check in on you, and see how your routines are regularly going. We will help you continue on the straight and narrow road! Our Broken Arrow gyms will help hold you to a higher standard. When someone is asking you about your health and fitness progress, you are immediately held to a higher standard. Look, we are trying to make this as simple for you as possible because we know that you are more than able to do it.

Many people have been in your shoes and they have made such strides! Think about what this would do for your life in the far future which many people don’t think about! You know that you need to try before you buy. So, in this case, you get to try the first month and pay only a dollar for it. The regular rate will not start until the next month, and if you don’t like your trial after the first month we can leave, no commitment! So, let’s talk about how the tour would happen. You would start out here in the front desk area with one of our trainers. They would show you are both supplement shop which is where the front desk is. Here we have lots of proteins like protein shakes and cookies and bars. If protein drinks, and we even have lactose-free options. And they do not compromise on taste, in fact they taste absolutely fantastic! So, then our trainer will take you down and you will see her cable machines, are treadmills, our ellipticals that all face the big walls. You will also get to see her table machines, or Stairmaster, our bikes, all the attachments for cable machines. Are bench press area, are free weights area with weights that go up 235 lb. You will get to see are kettlebells and are EZ bars and straight bars. We’ve got plenty of kettlebells!

Did we mention we have an outside area to? And here, not a ton of people use it but people do use it. And our classes utilize it quite a bit as well. You will find our Atlas stones and our tires, carry bags, our tires, and more!! We’ve definitely got some people that like to do it caveman style and work out the old-fashioned way out there! Even one of our business owners likes to be out there and do the workouts the old-fashioned way, with tires and atlas Stones! Broken Arrow gyms that go above and beyond should be on your radar. All of this is part of your membership as well. It is included for you at no additional cost, so think about this great deal!