Take your fitness to the next level at the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow! We have incredible trainers that are ready to help you achieve your goals. You will get to do a consultation with them and you will be introduced to the idea of working with a personal trainer Hands-On. Through this, you get to also do the in-body scan that we have in the front desk, you will receive your BMI index. You also get your body fat percentage measurement and all of that will play a factor into how you develop the game plan for your Fitness with the trainer. We would love to get you connected! How do you stay on top of your goals? The trainer is a wonderful way to get started. We pride ourselves at the Hub gym in our community. Our community as a solid and thriving one, filled with people who are driven and love getting to know each other and supporting each other. Even complete strangers are encouraging and lifting each other up. We are considered the top has to Broken Arrow Gyms because of this! We have such a family feel and people say it just feels like home when they step foot in our facility. You can look online, where you will find plenty of our video testimonials, these are testimonials that you will find uploaded regularly because we always have new people giving rave reviews about the facility. These are a real members, people that are still with us and love the community here. You will see what we are the top-rated of Broken Arrow Gyms. We cannot wait to get you plugged in today! Do not wait any longer and do not hesitate to call! You can also check out our supplements! do not worry about the hassle of going to other gyms, you can give us a try and we are guarantee that you are going to be pleased with us! What is show you exactly why we are uniquely situated to serve you. We are at the top of the fitness game here in Broken Arrow. We include a group of classes called The Game Changers classes, which one do people have referred to a small group personal training. It has definitely appealed to those who cannot afford one on one personal training and still want the chance to work with a personal trainer. We rotate our different personal trainers to lead the game changers classes throughout the week, so you will be getting a feel for each trainer’s style of instruction. Our clients really love this! Our members can have the game changers classes included in their membership by paying $99 a month, instead of the regular monthly rate. This is for those who want a deal on still working with a personal trainer. You are sure to achieve next level fitness here at the Hub Gym. We are absolutely sure of it, and we are so confident of it, that we offer to our new members $1 for the first month! And after that, you are under no obligation to continue if you don’t desire to! But our members have seen that after that first month, they want to stick around, so we offer regular rate of $39 a month, but then offer discounted rates depending on what type of work you do. If you work in the Rose District, the medical field, are a first responder, school teacher, you will be given the discounted rate of $20 / a month! Add-ons, like family members are discounted at 20/month as well. Don’t miss your opportunity to try out one of the best Broken Arrow Gyms out there! You will surely not be disappointed. You will also be motivated when you walk in, you will see members that are excited to be here and full of energy and High Spirits. That is because the Hub gym has facilitated a community that supports one another and grows with each other. Everyone knows we are on a journey together, whether we know each other or not, we are family here at the Hub gym. And this community and family feel is truly what makes us one of the top of the Broken Arrow Gyms. Come see for yourself! We will offer you exceptional value at with high quality. You will find that there is no gym at intimidation there is no gym competition here either. We are all here to support and lift each other up. You’re on a journey together, and we see that. We want our clients to feel that they are powerful, that they are more than enough and that they belong here. Come check out our treadmills, ellipticals, free weight area, with weights going up to 135 pounds, we also have kettlebells. We have cable machines we have rowing machines, as well as a Stairmaster and a ski ERG. We have a sauna, we have group fitness classes, including the Zumba and yoga and boxing, boot camp classes, The Hub tribe, the game changers classes, a ladies only free weights class. We have a heavy squat room in the back for the heavier lifting people. It has a dead lifting platform, like machines, many squat racks, and even a belt squat! This is one of the few belt squats in Oklahoma. Come see why we are one of the top Broken Arrow Gyms for yourself. You will not be disappointed when you call us. There is also an outside area with Atlas stones, sacks, and tires for people! You will find all types of equipment for you to use when you try out our gym. We are excited to work with you and we hope that you will give us a chance. Remember that there is no commitment, if you try out the $1 for the first month and you don’t like it then you are free to go on and you will not be enrolled in the regular rate! But what can you lose for a dollar? Come try it today.