So, whenever you think of Broken Arrow Gyms, does it make you nervous? Perhaps it makes you hesitant a little bit? Do you think that you would dread going to the gym and meeting with somebody that you don’t even know, to push you to your limit? Many of us think that trainers all have the same exact goal. Their simple goal is to train their client with a high level of intensity, is going to push them way beyond comfort! Well, that’s not entirely wrong. Working out should definitely not be something you dread. If you are looking for a well-trained, high-quality Broken Arrow Gyms, you should definitely head on over to the Hub gym. We are not going to allow you to dread your workouts. But we are going to push you past what you thought you could do. You might think that trainers are some of those people that are claiming to know how to work out, and teaching all their clients the same types of programs that we could find by just Googling an internet search about workout programs. This is not true about our staff at the Hub gym in Broken Arrow! We have set a standard for our personal trainers. We are not just a product. People that we have are well-trained, top-notch, quality trainers that strongly invest in their clients and desire to see them achieve their goals! We want to set the standard for personal training. So, let’s think about some things. We want to meet with you as a new member. If you are a new member even with the $1 for the first month, you will get introduced to the first step program. The first step program is where you will consult with Broken Arrow Gyms that will allow you to really assess where you are at physically and health-wise, and don’t leave it to where you need to be. They will sit down with you to assess your goals, and see what you want to do. They will take you over to the in-body scan which is located in the front desk area, where they will measure your body fat percentage and your BMI index. This will allow them to help you better establish tangible goals in a game plan, tailored to you, and specific to your body. All Broken Arrow Gyms that you talk with will help you create detailed and specific goals. We are not going to give you a cookie cutter program, and we know that there is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to health and fitness. We want to focus also on your emotional and mental health as well! We want to see this encompass a holistic whole body process! So, we don’t want to examine your physical goals but also your mental capacity or emotional goals. So, people could create a channel program for you that will also include nutritional guidance if you need or desire it. Did you know that we also partner with a meal prep service called macro meals here in Broken Arrow! And you get to try your first meal free! We want to help with instilling good habits that will lead to a beneficial lifestyle. We desire to teach you how to have a good relationship with health and food. We want you to really get to know our facility, which is why we offer the first month for a dollar. You will notice that as soon as you walk in the door, you will just feel this vibrant air, and such a light hemisphere of positivity and fun. It’s truly such a good atmosphere to be at the gym. And this Vision was established and strongly implemented by our owners. We have owners of the gym who were passionate about making this a place where people have to look forward to, rather than dread going to work out. We want to affect people’s lives, and that is truly what we do here at the Hub gym. It is so much more than just Fitness! We are about implementing growth. We will not let you settle for complacency. So, we want to challenge you to grow. On top of that, we also challenge Broken Arrow Gyms to grow with continuous testing on the primary movements. These include the regular workouts that they would teach you to do. You want to try them in other things like clean the kettlebell swings and bilateral Movement! We want our trainers to continue to grow in the way that they train, and communicate about relationships. We focus our personal trainers because we know that they can transform lives! It all starts with you and taking those little steps. Our trainers must be focused and they must have continuous goals for themselves. So, we know that they need to be in good shape themselves of a bigot each other’s and practice what they preach. You have to practice what you preach! You have to recognize your weaknesses and then work to overcome them! Every person has faced their challenges and adversity, whatever it is. But we should show that we all can work towards something because we all have issues. But when we are together, when we are with each other, we can be each other’s cheerleaders. We can grow to be stronger and continue to grow and improve! That is exactly what we do at the Hub Gym. We cheer each other on! We are family and we are real Community. It is real people and real relationships. And we want to show you this if you want to be a part of it! We create meaningful connections quite a personal trainer, to the staff members to the owners. You often go around the gym and will find one of the owners just chatting away with one of our members on a name-to-name basis. We are about relationships and meaningful connections here at the Hub gym in Broken Arrow. So let us get you connected right away!