What is keeping you from achieving your ultimate fitness and health goals? Are you just someone who has always wanted to know what it is like to feel better, to feel healthier, and stronger but there is just no way around getting past your busy schedule? We completely understand. There is nothing that makes you alone in these desires, and the frustration of trying, then quitting simply due to a lack of time. Well, you want to know something else that might be an option? This is something that the Hub Gym, the best and top-rated of Broken Arrow Gyms, has discovered during shut-down, whenever all the local Broken Arrow Gyms had to temporarily close due to COVID fears. What we did as a gym, is that we offered lots of different types of classes that were offered online! So, people did not have to leave the comfort and safety of their homes.

So, we did a lot of zoom sessions were people just met over the computer and did workouts together, and it was actually a really great turn out! why do you think that is? Because people that were heavy in the grind and you how far they had already gotten, didn’t want to let the gym closing at stores stop them from making such heavy progress in their fitness goals. They had seen how far they had come! You know that these people did not take no for an answer, and they would not let this type of situation hold them back. We would love it if your group of people and to join the magnificent team of people that really care about their fitness and love the journey that they are on.

So, if you just have any questions or concerns, just head on over to the most popular and most liked of the Broken Arrow gyms out there. That is the hub gym here in the roast district, in Main Street of Broken Arrow. So, you will find lots of other fun shops around this area, because it is a very lively place full of restaurants and entertainment, and the hub gym is located on the North most east corner of the strip that is on 71st and Main street. It is located near some other shops, such as Zen Tattoo, Kyle Winner salon, and Rise Grind and Rides espresso café, a fantastic coffee and breakfast place.

Are you looking for a fantastic community that will support you through the ups and the downs? Well, know that the people here at the Hub Gym were not exempt from such “downs” during the COVID scare! Goodness, this whole time, members were calling, asking if the business was going to close, asking if they could suspend or continue their memberships in true support of the gym’s business. These were loyal members. Well, we would love it if you were a part of our wonderful community.

Come see what it is like to get real support, to have people that encourage you throughout your fitness journey, and people that want to see you reach new goals, and feel great about yourself! This goes much farther than just at the gym. We support you inside and outside of the gym. There is this new program that we have introduced our members too and it is called the coach catalyst program. It is a 21-day program that you can follow online, through your emails. Because whenever you sign up as a new member at the hub Jim, you will be emailed the coach catalyst program. And it will send emails to you daily unless you are opt-out.

If you opt-out, then you don’t want to select any more emails. And there’s nothing wrong with his home it is just a wonderful feature that we like to have some people enjoy using it to help keep them accountable outside of the gym. We also know that there are things that you can get totally distracted with when you’re on your fitness journey. It is important for you to identify some of those things so that you can break those habits early period bring them as fast as possible. Like to encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful people that you have here and help each other out.

So, there are a lot of group fitness classes that people like to join to keep themselves accountable. You are also given a complimentary consultation with the personal trainer called the first step program. how we can schedule it as soon as you sign up! To wait to schedule it, but you also do not have to schedule it on the first day of sign up! you can schedule the first step appointment at any time! The First step assessment is a great introduction to why we are the best to Broken Arrow gyms out there.

You will have the chance to sit down with a personal trainer, and the personal trainer will help you assess your needs, goals, and wants, and help you walk over to the in-body scan. Here, you will get a measurement of your BMI and your body fat percentage. Don’t forget to also check out the Hub Pro supplement shop when you do the in-body scan, and be greeted by the friendly front desk staff members. Don’t forget that all supplements are 25% off for our members! Additionally, if you, as a member, refer a friend to us, you will get $15.00 off any supplement items in the Hub Pro shop.

Come see why we are the top-rated of the Broken Arrow gyms! There is a real reason that people give us top-notch reviews. You can just look online when you search our name in Google. Search “The Hub Gym Broken Arrow” or just “The Hub Gym”, and be prepared to be wowed by excellent and many google reviews! Come see why we are the most popular of Broken Arrow gyms out there today! We are so excited to get in touch with you and give you a tour and answer any questions you may have.