We know that sometimes it’s hard to go to the gym and work out after a full day at work. Or just in general. Well it’s even harder when you are trying to do it alone! Don’t underestimate the powerful impact of bringing a friend with you. Have an accountability is everything. We strive to mention the importance of this to our members. This is why personal training partially does so well! You are held to a higher standard when you have someone there guiding you, coaching you, watching you, and pushing you to succeed. You don’t want to let them down and you want to show them that you can achieve the goals you set forth. You have somebody else holding you to that standard and making sure you stay on top of it. That is exactly what friends can do. That is exactly what it can do for you if you go to the gym with someone by your side, creating goals together and following up with each other weekly. We see people regularly come to the gym together and it is such an enjoyable time and. It is much more enjoyable when you are not alone, and we also strive for relationships at the Hub gym. We are one of the top Broken Arrow Gyms because we thrive in our community. Our community we have established is a firm one, one that welcomes people with open arms. A community that welcomes people of all levels and all ages, young and old, because there are beginners and advanced! All are welcome here! We are one of the top-ranked Broken Arrow Gyms because we also offer our first step program. From this you will also learn about accountability. Because you will get to work with a personal trainer in the first step program. Again, do not underestimate the importance of the impact of having somebody there with you. Working out alone is great, but sometimes it is just simply better to have somebody with you. This is also why our group classes do so well! We have tons of group classes. We are one of the Broken Arrow Gyms that also has a belt squat. Have you ever heard of that? We offer a belt squat that we recently purchased in our heavy lifting room in the back. And this is actually one of the few belt squats in Oklahoma! Isn’t that wonderful? And we have it right here at the Hub gym in Broken Arrow. That’s right, one of the few belt squats in Oklahoma is here at the Hub gym. Make this gym your local gym and you can get plugged in right away and see all that we have to offer! And bring a friend! Because yes, you will be at the normal rate monthly. But for the first month you can get in for a dollar instead of the normal rate. And then on top of that, you can have add-ons to your membership account. These add-ons can be friends or family members, either one! And these add-ons will be at the $20 a month! So, they will be very discounted. This is a deal you should grab if you don’t want to go to the gym by yourself. You see many people take advantage of this deal. It is an awesome deal! It is one that makes us one of the top Broken Arrow Gyms around. So, come and give us a visit or call us today! And come see why the Hub gym in Broken Arrow, and the Beautiful Rose district, is the one that people are raving about. Our gym has a fantastic community and wants you to be a part of it. This Jim really encourages its members to feel empowered and to continue striving and going for their goals, and never fallen short of them. We also would like you to remember that your first month is a dollar. After that you are not obligated to continue and you will not be automatically renewed at the regular monthly rate. But we have found time and time again, that the people that actually try out our facility for $1 a month, will in fact come back and enroll themselves at the regular monthly rate. And get this, if you wrote if you work in the Rose District, then you get a discount. If you work in the medical field, then you get a discount. If you work as a first responder, guess what? You certainly get a discount. And well deserved. If you work as a school teacher, guess what? You also get a discount. See why we are one of the most popular Broken Arrow Gyms out there. One of the reasons is because we offer so many great deals to people who contribute to their community in wonderful ways. Would like to get plugged into the community as well. We have been involved in several events with the rose district. And we will continue to host more! We have also had Hub gym parties and celebrations outside when it was nice, during the summer. We would hire local bands to play out there, we would have axe throwing, we would have contests, and prizes, we would have free massages, we would have dance music, we’ve had a DJ out there. It is simply been a blast. Oh and of course, we’ve had food grilling out there, done by one of our awesome business partners who really knows how to grill!! You will see that this is a community of really happy and engaging people that want to be with one another. Such a positive place to be, so come and visit our gym today, and see why people love us above all together Broken Arrow Gyms! You will not be disappointed and we hope to get you plugged in right away! We hope that you will also take advantage of the fact that we have a full supplement shop in the front as well. People have enjoyed trying or supplements, such as protein cups, protein shakes, protein supplements and drink samples, because we always have samples ready for you to try so that you can try before you buy! Just like the $1 a month. You try before you buy! But we are so confident you’ll come back that’s why we can offer this happily to our members.