Do you desire to learn how to make real progress with your health and fitness goals? Consistency is key when it comes to working out. Everything good takes time, dedication, commitment, and becoming healthy is not exempt. You should search for a Broken Arrow gyms that knows how to define and address what tools you need to get started. The Hub Gym, located in the Broken Arrow Rose District, desire to show its members how to stay on track with their fitness goals, and implement consistent routines everyday to ensure actual progress. To implement consistent routines, it is critical you also address your diet! Statistics report the majority of weight loss revolves around your diet. Exercise is key, but what you put into your body is critical to note as well. That is why the Hub Gym has also joined a partnership with a fantastic and healthy meal prep service business called Macro Meals, also located in Broken Arrow! When you are searching for a Broken Arrow gyms, you should certainly consider what nutritional supplements they provide as well! What they offer in terms of meals or supplements will tell you a lot about the gym as well. The Hub Gym is well rounded and addresses all your fitness needs, because we care about what you are fueling yourself with as well! That is why we offer Macro meals prepped meals as well! And this business offers meals with a good balance of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins – everything you need to properly re-fuel. Properly re-fueling daily will also enable you to stay consistent as much as possible. There is hope for you to be strong and steady in this journey. You just cannot do it without the necessary tools, and you probably should also not do it alone. We a Broken Arrow Gyms that has often seen accountability is a crucial component to staying consistent. Accountability offers you that bump in the rear you need when you’re feeling discouraged or losing motivation. When you see others around you that are still heading to the gym, that are working hard, that are sweating, breathing hard, jamming out to some good music, it will push you to do the same! If they can keep going, so can you! What makes you any less capable? We have seen all kinds of tremendous successes at the Hub Gym. There are no excuses to keep you from achieving the next level. Currently, there is even a client who has cerebral palsy, that has been working successfully with a trainer and has been consistent, and has seen incredible success! She was told when seeing a physical therapist previously, that she would not see any progress and should not try to improve her physical abilities. She then came to the Hub Gym, and the personal trainer she was paired with would simply not accept that as an answer. Sure enough, soon after getting on a routine with the trainer, this client has actually improved in her mobility, strength, endurance, challenging and doing exactly everything she was told she couldn’t do! What an incredible story and an example of someone who learned how to be consistent and allow people in her life to push and motive her, and keep her accountable. No one is with excuse. Our Broken Arrow Gyms will push you to be the best you can be, in every aspect, no matter what your situation is. You are not exempt from seeing incredible progress and feeling so much better about yourself. Come visit us at the Hub Gym, and let us show you firsthand what we are talking about. We have seen it time and time again, and our trainers know the formulas to success, and know how to cater the plan and individualize to each one of their clients. Think about what you want to achieve, and how much more fun is to work on those things with people, rather than alone. We know this is critical as well. In your membership, you are allowed full access to our supplement shop during office hours, our meal prep service Macro meals, our complimentary towel service available during office hours, our awesome medical grade infra-red sauna, all of our equipment, our squat racks, cable machines, row machines, ski erg machines, bench press and free weights area, belt squats, our rubber mats and stretch bands (for your recovery), our group X room (which is where we have our group classes offered to all our members), and our outdoor area which has atlas stones, sacks, and tires and everything you need for that outdoor heavier duty exercise plan! We truly care about your health and fitness, and our Broken Arrow gyms wants to see you succeed by all measures. We want you to see you are more than capable to achieve it all, you are powerful and strong, you belong here, and the Hub Gym wants to welcome you with open arms into our community! We also want you to know that for the first month at the gym, you get in for $1. That’s right, only $1 for the first 30 days working out at our facility! We offer this because we guarantee you will be pleased, and the experience will make you a lifelong member. Come see everything we have to offer! We want to see you make real progress. You are more than deserving of improving your health and feeling better every single day. We want you to know that you are going to be a valued client who will be more than just a number to us here at our facility. We want you to achieve your goals, and see you succeed. Our gym has all types of people here so no one is exempt. You will be in a positive environment that facilitates growth and progress and allows you to push yourself each time you come in! It’s an exciting uplifting atmosphere here at the Hub Gym, and we want you to be a part of it. Join today and you will be pleased you made that first step!