You should’ve heard this phrase many times, “how much is it? Yeah I guess I have that much. Let’s go ahead and get it.” Only to find out a few days later that you are now overdraft in your Broken Arrow gyms bank account and have been charged multiple overdraft fees. “This sucks! Why does the bank charge such a huge overdraft fee!?” You are reasonably upset but in your anger you have chosen to blame the wrong source. You’re mad at the bank for charging an overdraft fee but you failed to recognize that it was you that did not pay attention to your finances. Unfortunately, fitness and finances share a lot of common details. On a personal level it’s difficult to make money if you choose not to work. At the same time it is difficult to make gains if you don’t put in your work at the gym. With your finances if you don’t pay attention to small details which you pay out it can have astronomical consequences in the future. In the same way if you don’t pay attention to small bit of food and drinks you have on a daily basis, it can dramatically add up over the course of a month or even a year. Details suck. But they are a part of life. Get over it and start learning to pay attention to details instead of ignoring them.

Anything considered a minor detail can eventually become a major problem if you do not pay attention to it. Take for example those few extra bites of sweets or sugary foods or unhealthy processed foods you have. Most people would say don’t worry about it, it’s just a few bites. Think about an Oreo. How many Oreos would you consider to be just a few? Personally, two Oreos is what I consider to be just a few. With only two Oreos you add approximately one hundred fifty calories to your total intake. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you do that three times a week you have now added four hundred fifty calories. Keep that up over a month and you have now added one thousand eight hundred calories. Over the course of a year that can equal approximately six pounds of added weight. We may not consider six pounds to be a lot, but if we keep up that lifestyle for ten years, we will gain over sixty pounds and be sixty pounds overweight. And let’s be honest, most of us don’t pay attention to our nutrition enough to only over eat by two Oreos. Most of us do a much worse job taking care of our nutrition in Broken Arrow gyms than over eating by one hundred to two hundred calories. There was a research poll through Truven health analytics that showed 75% of people think they eat a healthy diet, but in reality, their portions are out of control. Research has shown us that Americans really don’t know how to do math. Most people under estimate total calories consumed by about five hundred calories at a time. That means you might think you’re only eating two thousand calories, but in reality you were eating two thousand five hundred cal. That’s not even the most shocking statistic. The average American eats about three thousand seven hundred calories per day. That is over one thousand seven hundred calories above what most people should be eating. A diet that is normal for most Americans might consist of several sweet teas, which contain as much sugar as a soda, a sugar ridden coffee drink which may contain over four hundred calories, some form of French fries, cheeseburgers, and desserts such as M&Ms or a candy bar, and of course you have to eat a salad to be healthy, but drench it in ranch dressing to make it taste good. Top that entire thing off with some kind of a dessert, or some kind of a horrible breakfast option such as a few donuts, a Starbucks breakfast sandwich, or several McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches. It’s no wonder Americans are getting more and more unhealthy and gaining more weight. We have little to no control over our total food intake, and what is worse is we constantly think we eat a relatively healthy diet. The details of your food add up in Broken Arrow gyms. Even paying attention to the total food we consume on a relatively small scale can make a significant difference. Take for example the food mentioned previously. A few simple modifications and it is now a much healthier choice. Forego sweet tea for unsweetened tea, or a small part sweet tea and the rest unsweetened. Then get rid of the soda all together. Instead of M&Ms get a trail mix of mixed nuts or beef jerky. Choose then a black coffee or coffee with a little cream, no added syrups, sugar, and no lattes or breves. For your food, if you want to get fast food, choose to have the burger with no buns, and skip the fries for either something better you make yourself, or choose to just eat less there. Finally, with your salad, choose a lower calorie dressing and see if you can add a little chicken to it. This caloric choice will fill you up better, keep you from getting a sugar rush and then a bottoming out of your blood sugars, and fuel your body correctly. It is a minor change from what the previous food choice was, but it will have a major lasting impact on your health. The attention to detail in your food has a dramatic change on your movement, feeling of pain, strength, and much more. When you pay attention to detail, you improve your standing. Attention to detail will make your workouts much stronger too. The details matter when you are lifting at Broken Arrow gyms in the sense of positioning, weight increase, strength, heart rate, and many other directions. Pay attention to how you can improve your diet and training routine and you will make more progress than you have ever seen.