What gives the best experience for Broken Arrow Gyms? Most fitness clubs do not give the members an experience that is unforgettable and incredible leaving them thinking wow I had a fantastic experience. At The Hub Gym in Broken Arrow we do the opposite. We give our members a fantastic experience they will never forget by wearing them from the very start. All of our members when they come and get an incredible two or they can see what makes our facility unique through both our equipment the staff in our trainers. You’ll be thinking wow why did I ever miss out on this experience in the past. Not only do we have a wide array of cardio equipment, dumbbells, bar belles, and unique experiences, but we also have an infrared sauna that will help your body stay healthy, avoid disease and infection, and recover after your intense and amazing workouts. We also offer unique fitness classes that you can’t find any other gym for this price. In fact your first month at the hub gym is only one dollar and then after that only $39 per month with many options for discounts. For the $39 a month you have access to one of the only boxing clubs at this price. In our boxing club do you have any ability to train and work hard like you are a professional boxer but also learn all of the moves you need in order to get in shape. We also have Zumba which is a unique experience because we give our members a secluded and exciting space to dance, remove all inhibitions, and just have a blast. Our yoga classes are also very unique because some of them are strength focus in others are more stretching focused but all of them will give you an incredible workout and enhance your overall experience with how you can get in shape and how you can be fit. After yoga we also have our barbells class which is a ladies only weightlifting where we train ladies who have never really experienced the gym how to have a great experience in the gym and how to make the most of your time while you work out. Sometimes they do circuits and sometimes they do weightlifting with heavy dumbbells and barbells, but we always teach ladies how to get fit now. We also have The Hub tribe which is an opportunity to come early in the morning and stay accountable with others who are trying to train hard and get fit now. If you’re looking for Broken Arrow Gyms that help keep you accountable and train you in the ways of getting fit, visit us online at www.thehubgym.com or give us a call at 918-994-4299. Finally our game changer classes are designed to be your private fitness coach in a small group where we give nutritional advice, exercise and workouts, and we are there for you no matter what if you need anything. We have the best coaches that train in our game changer classes and their entire goal is to give you a fantastic experience above all other Gyms and Broken Arrow. Hey the most perfectly executed workouts that I like for you to hit your entire body every single time but also stay engaged and excited with style and we have to work out is laid out. Sometimes it is a Tabata style workout, other times its weight lifting for strength size and mass, and other times we do what is called a deck of cards where we taking through a fun and challenging work out based on a set of cards you have available. This experience is unlike any other because most gyms follow a simple predetermined lifting style, but we have created our own that is uniquely designed to give you the best workouts possible.
Our personal trainers also help to enhance the experience for everyone available. All of our first time members get a free first step which is your opportunity to sit down and establish what your goals dreams and vision is for your life, not just for health and fitness, but for your lifestyle, your future, your happiness, and your future abilities. After you get the first step with one of our incredible fitness coaches you have an opportunity to work with him for a period of time. You do not need to always hire out one of our personal trainers, but you can work with one of our personal trainers if you want to work with one of them. Our trainers are the highest quality individuals who will do an excellent job of helping you correct and balances, train your body to be more fit, and help you accomplish and shatter all of your goals ahead of you! What are you waiting for? Let’s sign up and get fit right now! The best gym days are right in front of you, and out of all the Broken Arrow Gyms we are the best! Use this as your opportunity to get started because your first month is only one dollar and after that it is $39 a month and we do have family plans that would allow for multiple people to be on a membership for less. So if you were looking for the best Jim to join, give us a look and try us out because we will be in amazing experience for you that you will never want to miss out on. You can start your membership by going to www.thehubgym.com or give us a call at 918-994-4299 we will set up a tour for you and let you come see our incredible and amazing Facility. We know that you will not be sorry for joining The Hub Gym because we have hundreds of other members that are excited to have their memberships with us already, and they have already had the best experience, and we are getting better every day!