There are so many reasons to get involved in a gym. We know it can feel unnecessary, strenuous, and just another thing to add to your daily to-do list. We know that it can feel like you could just do a workout at home (which is still better than no work-out at all!), so that you can go straight home after work. However, the atmosphere at home probably will not push and inspire you the way a positive gym atmosphere will. You constantly see people around you pushing to better themselves. You are surrounded by strangers who are working hard on their goals; how can you not feel accountability? You hear music, you see equipment, group classes, the hustle and bustle of others getting all their daily stresses out and getting a good pump; how can you not feel pushed to do another set, take a break and then go a little longer? This is a snippet of what it’s like being a committed member at the Hub Gym.  Broken Arrow Gyms The Hub Gym’s personal training team work hard to help you see the ways that you can push yourself to grow!  The Hub Gym is quite unique in its approach; it is a boutique-style gym with group classes, an infrared sauna, and qualified, EXCELLENT, passionate personal trainers who will push and challenge you like no other.

Talk about accountability! This is exactly the type of accountability you need. You can find it right here at the Hub Gym. The Hub Gym is located at 507 N Main St, Broken Arrow, OK 74012. It is not your big-box gym, nor will it every try to be. In fact, it is the antithesis of a big-box gym, and it is proud of that. You will find strong community here, regular faces that you will grow to know and look forward to seeing; it’s a real family. If you are interested in personal training, we have some of the best trainers in Broken Arrow. One of our personal trainers just placed 1st in a national physique competition, and we are extremely proud and IMPRESSED. She is excellent and passionate in what she does, and she passes that energy and drive onto each one of her clients. Her schedule is full as she is highly desired and sought after, but for good reason. Each trainer you find that works at the Hub Gym is driven, ambitious, CARING. They care about growth in each of their clients because of the change and transformation they have experienced in their own lives. These Broken Arrow gyms are the best of the best. They are skilled and certified, and you’ll find each of them working out at specific times each day (or you may not; a few will work out very early in the morning, so you late risers may never see them during their work out!) Know that you will be pushed here beyond your limits, but the results are so rewarding. The feeling is a dopamine hit!

That post-workout feel cannot be beat; why not start experiencing it for yourself on the regular? What is stopping you? If you’re looking for solid Broken Arrow gyms, you should truly consider the Hub Gym. We believe in PERMANENT and LASTING change in our clients. We know that the work is hard but oh, so rewarding. It is transformational. Western culture can drive people to push toward the top in terms of career and status, but through the process, you often disconnect mind from body entirely; people’s mental health decline significantly in the pursuit for power and status. It is sad that we must compromise health and wellbeing in our “do-it-all” culture. Those things are not bad things to chase after, but many people neglect their health in the process! Does it have to be that way? We want to change that pattern here at the Hub Gym. Here, our Broken Arrow gyms understand most of their clients have overwhelmingly busy schedules. They have full- or part-time jobs, they have children, spouses, side activities, side businesses, all which consume their time! And yet, they know their physical and mental health needs to take priority. You will find people changing their mindsets all the time here at the Hub Gym. Don’t let your job or family be an excuse. In fact, bring your family here! We have family member add-on plans! Family members can be added on to your account for just an additional $20 per month! Our contracts are just month to month, so you don’t need to worry about long term commitment right away, although that is always our hope; that this would be a lifelong activity for you. We have family member add-ons with just a one-time $10 enrollment fee (instead of the regular $40 enrollment fee for primary account holders.

Members also have the option to waive the enrollment fee if they commit to a 12-month agreement, OR if they sign up for the “3 PT Sessions for $99”! This is a GREAT way to get introduced to our personal training, without having to make a huge investment. You can sign up for 3 Broken Arrow gyms sessions for $99.00, and that will waive your typical $40 enrollment fee. Know that as a new member, you also get 1 free “first step” session with a personal trainer. During this time, you will get to use the in-body scan, do a short assessment, go over your goals with the trainer, and get guidance on any equipment. We recommend you take advantage of this first step session, as it does not expire, but it is very easy to forget you have that as a free session! Any other questions, feel free to call us at 918-994-4299 or visit our website at You can submit an inquiry there, and someone at the front desk will get back to you as soon as possible! We really hope you consider our Broken Arrow gyms here at the Hub Gym, as they are some of the best! We cannot wait to meet with you and hope you will consider us for your local fitness center.