Why is it that when people visit our Broken Arrow gym, they always come back? We are certain that you are looking for a gym facility where you feel comfortable, with people you can trust, and where you feel you can make real progress. At this Broken Arrow gym we take things very seriously and we know that your health and your Fitness is very important, it is important to us as well. At the Hub gym, the best Broken Arrow gym, we have excellent certified trainers and staff that can advise you on any concerns and questions you have. We want to help you and provide you with the skills and tools and resources that you need to ensure that you succeed. Our trainers are excellent at what they do, and they come with a diverse set of skills. The trainers will also offer group classes that will be included in your membership. Our Broken Arrow Jim believes that your health and fitness is number one. These things are pryority, as you cannot function well in your day-to-day life without taking care of your body and your health. With our meal plans, our group fitness classes, our excellent top-of-the-line equipment and real personal advice, you will also enjoy our one-on-one session with a personal trainer that is part of our first step program. This is included in your membership as a new member, and you do not have to sign up for personal training to do it. But you will sit down in this session with a trainer. Our Broken Arrow Jim believes that you should know what it is you need to succeed in your health Journey. Our trainers have seen success with their clients time and time again. And our first step program, our Broken Arrow gym trainers will offer you Consulting an advisement. They will do a self-assessment with you, and you will also use the in-body scan that will tell you your BMI in your body fat percentage. They will then help you assess how exactly you need to develop a game plan specific and tailor to your needs. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Fitness. Are our trainers are aware of this and that is why they sit with you in this initial first step program to create a customizable plan based on your specific needs. After that you will be offered the chance to sign up for training but you are not obligated. We simply want you to see what there is to be offered to you here in our services. We also partner with macro meals which is a meal prep service that offers customizable meal plans and every meal offers a good proportion and ratio of all your macronutrients, so that is your fats, your carbs, your proteins, to keep you fueled and recharge an energized throughout the day so that you can conquer your tasks and your goals with energy and confidence. We believe you should strive to be your best every single day and we will give you the tools that you need to do that at our Broken Arrow gym. The Hub gym is a family of people committed to ensuring that health is number one and that we are all on an individual Journey ourselves, but that we can cheer each other on together in the process. One of the reasons we believe in great Community is because we know that people feel strengthen and encourage when they are held accountable. When there are people around you doing the same thing I’m working towards similar goals, you will feel held to a higher standard and you will continue to feel motivated to visit our Broken Arrow gym where you can get in a great workout. Please visit our website online. You can visit our website online, which is www.the Hub gym.,. And you can also call us at 918-994-4299. Our Broken Arrow Jim will meet all of your needs and we are confident that you will give us a visit. When you visit us for the first time, you will have an in-depth tour with one of our personal trainers of all of the facility and what it has to offer. Also, your membership is $1 for the first month! That’s right only $1 for the first month can get you in the door for 30 days to try out everything we have including our sauna. And normal membership, are sauna is included in your membership at no additional charge. You just need to schedule a time to reserve it at one hour segments. The schedule with the front desk. The front desk is also where you will find your macro meals. Are Broken Arrow gym also offers equipment such as ski ergs, row machines, plenty of cable machines and more squat racks than many of the gyms in the surrounding area. I’ll Broken Arrow Jen Prides itself and also have a belt squat, one of the few gyms that has a belt squat. Are Broken Arrow gym will meet all of your needs and we are confident of this and that is why we are allowing you to try the first month for only a dollar! We are confident you will return and want to have a regular membership here and be a part of this awesome gym Community this awesome Broken Arrow gym Community will make you feel comfortable will encourage you continually to push towards your goals and work hard! Visit us today or call one of our staff at 918-994-4299! We are so excited to get in touch with you and help you get started on your journey. Call one of our staff members today, our Broken Arrow Gym, the Hub Gym, will be proud to serve you. Because we believe that you are powerful and that you are more than enough, no goal is unachievable here ate the Hub Gym! So visit us today and get connected, there is no need to wait longer.