Broken Arrow Gym | Road to 1400

Every time a person comes to the Broken Arrow Gym they have several decisions to make. One of the most important is, “What am I going to do at the gym today?” The average gym goer often overlooks the value of this question. We often show up at the gym, make up what we are going to do today, do three or four sets of twelve with four or five exercises, if even that, then walk on the treadmill for five or ten minutes. Does this sound familiar?It’s because most gym goers do this. Most gym goers make a little bit of progress at first, then little or none after the first few months. Why is this the case? One of our gym members has a simple solution: diligence.

Harrison is an impressive power lifter with three total lifts of 1400pounds in which bench press was 350pounds, squat was 475pounds, and deadlift was 575 pounds. Before we go into his method, we must first understand what diligence is. A wise man once said, “Diligence is just the consistent application of effort! The method is simple, diligence is hard.”Harrison could not have said it any better himself. (918) 994-4299

He started with a program, came to the gym five to six days per week, and followed the growth process every week working with percentages, increased weights, and varying rest periods.Harrison did not start out big; he built his way there by working daily with his lifting routine and his food. The food we eat plays a massive part in our success and ends up being yet another area where most Broken Arrow Gym goers fail. Not only is their routine the same weight, same exercises, and same rest time, but instead they eat food that does not properly fuel them for the success they want.

Harrison would start with a working set at seventy percent of his one rep maximum for all three lifts. Day one was Bench for eight sets of ten at this weight followed by a few accessory lifts to keep from developing some imbalances. The next day was Squats where again, eight sets of ten were performed followed by some accessory lifts. Day three is deadlifts for; you guessed it, eight sets of ten followed by some accessory lifts. That’s what’s great about this Broken Arrow Gym.

He followed this routine for four weeks and then adjusted to eighty five percent of his one rep maximum executing five sets of five for each lift along with his accessory lifts for another four weeks. With the first eight weeks completed the next two weeks were ninety five percent of his one rep max for two or three reps. (918) 994-4299

Broken Arrow Gym | Continuing the Road

After completing this segment, Harrison took a full week to de-load where he only trained three sets of twelve with each exercise, as well as his accessory lifts. Once every two or three cycles, Harrison would check his one rep maximums by calculating his improvements and giving the man attempt. After three attempts with each lift, he would record the highest of all of the weights as his new personal best.After each personal best, the cycle restarts. Each new cycle now has new increased weights for the same rep scheme.Harrison continued this cycle for over 4 years straight. He ate the same food, lifted on the same routine and lifts and even went to several competitions before his most recent one where he achieved his total of 1400 pounds lifted in all three lifts total. What can we learn from his experience at this Broken Arrow Gym?

First of all, quit expecting to reach your goal in one month, or even three months, or even a year. Expect that your goals will happen over an extended period of time where you diligently apply the program ahead of you. Second, stay diligent with your food. Figure out what your body needs, and eat only that. Organic meat, organic vegetables, high quality carbs, water, some coffee, no alcohol, no sugar, no wasting calories, just give your body what it needs. Third, and finally, track your progress. In fact, to keep up with the theme, diligently track your progress daily.

If you do not measure your progress, it will not get done. Harrison did this marvelously. He brought his computer to the gym, tracked every lift, and even recorded himself while he did each exercise so he could see if he was performing the rep correctly.When you combine diligent training over an extended period of time with proper nutrition and track all of the results, you will achieve all the results you desire. Most Broken Arrow Gym goers show up, make up what they are doing, feel accomplished, then go home expecting results because they “did something”and not necessarily because their body is tired.

My recommendation to anyone wanting to build muscle, lose fat, and get big is first create your routine. After you have your routine, determine that you will diligently follow it for the next twelve months. While you train, focus every week on making one better step towards better fueling your body with food.This means you need to research what is beneficial, and you need to see what works best for you. One size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition. There are many types that can work from vegan all the way to carnivore. You must track what works best for your body regardless of what other people think.

That is the last and final key, you need to track your results. Every day you must know how you feel, every week you must see how your body has changed, every month you must see the change in your body fat and muscle mass.Harrison is far from finished with his results. Reaching 1400 total pounds lifted is incredible, but it is far from his goals! He still has plans to reach 1600 total pounds. He will do it by diligently following the plan that has worked for him every day thus far at the Broken Arrow Gym. Set goals, create a plan, and diligently follow it. (918) 994-4299