Let me count you the tale of a man.  A man who made sure that he slept his sufficient 8 hours. Not because he had to, but because it had helped him deal with a healthy lifestyle. This man was known as a legend, nay a myth, with a real purpose, and a value of a life like no other. This man was known to many as, Broken Arrow Gym. Yes, this man has been teased many times for his name. But understand that he was not meant to be named Broken Arrow Gym.  You see his mother was not the brightest of people. She spent so much time working her hands to the bone. Spend multiple hours in the fields, warehouses, sewing circles, public library reading clubs. I know you would think with her being in a reading club she would somehow, her name was Dan, be able to understand how to spell just a bit better. But she had trouble knowing the difference between certain things. Yes, she was one of those people that didn’t understand the right there, there, and they’re. So of course when she birthed her first son, she named him Broken Arrow Jim. But when she spelled it she spelled it as, Broken Arrow gym. Why the name you may think, well because she stumbled upon a book about a town in Oklahoma. and her great-great-grandfather’s name was James, so she decided to name him Jim for short. And her love for the book and the love for her grandfather who raised her, and also the reason why she was named Dan, is why she named him Broken Arrow Gym. 

You see, Broken Arrow Gym was not like your average person. When he walked people said that it was like a summer breeze passing through. Some people said it made them feel fine. Others said that he had a look, not to kill, that would give you chills for there was an unspeakable reason that he existed. He was a man of great strength, he was a man with strong values, and a man who was 7 ft tall and weighed as much as a man 7 ft tall should weigh.  

Broken Arrow gym for me one of those guys that you can call a lady’s man, but also a man’s man. Not to say that he was interested in both ladies and men, but those are just things that people say when they’re trying to say that he’s interesting and then also looked up to. I don’t know I don’t really follow or understand a lot about pop culture, or things that people say that don’t make sense because they meant something else. But Broken Arrow Gym surely is an interesting person. I never met the guy, but I hear a lot of things about him. I heard one time that he actually benched a large truck filled with tons of things in the bed of it. I don’t know if it’s true but once again like I said this man is legendary, so there’s a lot of legends about him. It’s funny to hear such random statements and stories about Broken Arrow Gym. You would think a man with that name should have several stories about him. But he’s actually just an accountant, and works from home is what I heard. I don’t know there’s a lot of songs in ballads about him. But I think it’s really just because he has a very interesting name. I mean if somebody came up to you and said, hi my name is Broken Arrow Gym, you’d assume he’d be a pretty interesting person right?

I mean I do know for a fact because a friend of mine told me. And his uncle told him. And I think his uncle went to the same bar that another guy who saw this happen is familiar with. I don’t know what the connection was but it’s a believable story. Apparently there was once a bad storm that was flushing several cows away from their land. and they were getting pretty lost and unaware of how to cross a lot of the deep streams they were being caused by the flood. So good old Broken Arrow Gym found the cows and decided it was a good idea to name them so that if one got lost he was able to tell the owner which ones were lost and which ones were found. I know that doesn’t really help out what happened with the cows, because they all ended up drowning. But at least there was the ability to write obituaries for these cows because we knew them by name thanks to Broken Arrow Gym. 

Some rumors are that apparently Broken Arrow Gym once jumped his tricycle over three school buses. Now, mind you these are paper mache school buses and they weren’t to scale. They were like about the size of a pencil each. But he made that tricycle go over three of them. That he didn’t jump them, he just ran over them. I think a kid who made them was pretty upset with him. But when you’re a legend you just kind of get away with things like that.

I have heard that Broken Arrow Gym owned a saber-toothed necklace. I’m not sure how he got a hold of that. but somebody told me that it was just a bunch of shark teeth that he glued together and told people it was a saber-toothed tiger. But, I don’t know why would somebody do something like that? I mean I know if you’re being teased or having a name like Broken Arrow Gym your whole life you’d make up a bunch of things about yourself hoping that people consider you some kind of a legend in town. But in a town of only 53 people, eventually, people are going to catch on. 

Whose days are I wonder if ground black pepper is just regular black pepper that has done something that shouldn’t have done, so they grounded it? Or what makes extra virgin olive oil so extra virgin. And when people say they’re salty, does that mean they’re just too much for the world.