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The other day, I met a gym goer by the name of Val. When you initially see someone working out weeks on end, you assume they are just a diligent and hard working individual with goals in mind, but this is rarely the case.While many times they will work very hard and diligently to achieve their goals, there is always something much deeper than simply “working out.”For myself, I went through multiple traumatic events that led me to see how unhealthy my life was without a Broken Arrow Gym.

I took fitness as the first step along the way to change my life from sad and unhealthy to feeling exceptional and happy with who I am. I remember seeing friends of mine whom I had not seen in several years and they were blown away by whoI had become. I am not alone in what has happened in my life. Another friend of mine was very thin and fragile. He had little muscle mass, poor diet, and a clearly terrible lifestyle.

He first started out by cutting out the junk from what he ate. He used to eat sugary cereal for breakfast, snack on chips, soda, and sweets all day, and once in a while he would eat real food occasionally. Now he was eating quality overnight oats mixed with pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix), four to six ounces of meat and plenty of veggies and rice or sweet potatoes, and finally for dinner he was eating plenty of meat and veggies, but he still allowed himself to eat some low calorie ice cream because he said, “I want this lifestyle to be sustainable for the rest of my life.” You need a Broken Arrow Gym to be complete in you fitness goals

After fixing his food, he started to get active. He stopped playing video games for three to four hours per day and found a few things he liked to do for fun. One was hiking and another was hunting.So now he only played video games for up to an hour a day only some days a week, not everyday.Finally, he started to work out. He did weight training initially three days per week doing a three-day split of his push muscles, his pull muscles, and his legs. For months he followed this same program and as a result, he started to gain healthy weight!His muscle mass increased and he went from a skinny, no muscle, sedentary guy to someone with muscle definition, good food habits, and a better, more active lifestyle.

Why did he make this decision to change though?His motivation was getting sick and having a difficult time getting over his illness. After his body fought off the major part of his illness, it took him an additional four months to get over onset consequences of his illness. For months he had a lingering cough, lack of energy, occasional muscle aches, mental fogginess, and he was unable to sleep. His motivation is that he though he was basically dying, and in a way, he was. His doctor said, “There is no reason for you to be feeling this way at twenty seven,”and his doctor was right. Call us now to get in on the best Broken Arrow Gym as soon as you can! Reach out now to us on our website at or call us now at 918-994-4299!

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Why was this happening? His lifestyle and diet was slowly killing him, and because he had such a week immune system, poor nutrition, and weak muscles and a weak heart, it sped up the gradual deterioration of his body. Now, he is healthy. His body can fight off illness, and he does not have the same fogginess or pains he used to have. In his mind, he takes care of his health to prolong his life. Call us for top Broken Arrow Gym so they can help you win at life!

He has now said to me, “I am so happy I made the choice to take care of my life so I can have a more fulfilled life!”If you remember back to the beginning of this article, Val, was one of those people I initially thought was just a diligent gym goer, but it turns out her story and motivation was pretty amazing! Val began her journey when her husband was sick. He was diagnosed with cancer and the doctor said there are only a few things they could do: take medication to ease the pain until he passes away, or change the diet in hopes of improving quality of life until passing. Val decided to change their diet to hopefully improve life quality until it just no longer worked anymore.

She never expected the results they got. Her husband slowed down the growth of the cancer, and gave himself several years longer than the doctors said.Eventually, years of poor lifestyle choices did take his life, but only five years after the doctor said he would live to. After her husband passed, Val decided she would eat all the things she was not able to eat again.She brought back bread, sugar, processed food, and all the things she was not eating for several years. Call now to find the best Broken Arrow Gym so they can help you today!

Within six months, Val had gained over twenty pounds and was feeling nowhere near as good as she did when she was eating the diet she was with her husband. So she decided to go back to this diet she had done in the past.She has been following this now for two months and exercising with Yoga and some weight training several days a week and as of September, Val has lost about ten pounds, gained flexibility back, improved her life, and overall has made her feel better than she has since she was in high school. What is her motivation? She said, “I do not want to have the same fate my husband did. I want to change my life now so I can experience my best life as long as possible.” Her husband’s life is the motivation for her to stay happy and healthy with the top Broken Arrow Gym!

Every day she spends here at the gym is motivation for her to continue growing to become the best version of herself possible. While she says regularly,“I wish I would have started this with my husband sooner,” it does not mean she will ever stop living the life she is now. What is the message for us all? Find your motivation and remind yourself of that every day.Know your“why” and you will always have a reason to take care of your life! Visit us at so they can help you today! Also you can call us now at 918-994-4299! You will love this amazing gym!