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Every person faces difficult circumstances in life. Sometimes we struggle to pull through while other times we overcome adversity. To protect the identities of these stories, I will use the names Gina, Harry, and John. For Gina, Harry, and John, this became evident at different times and in different ways. Exploring how one’s life can change so drastically typically leads to a specific event that spurred on this dramatic change. When Gina first came to the gym it was in seeking somewhat of a living. She was in debt, a single mom, and needed to change something about the direction she was going with this Broken Arrow Gym.

She started out small here at The Hub Gym with her first paycheck being ten dollars. She was able to build her life every day from that point forward. By the summer of her first year at the gym, she had seventeen clients, was making more than she ever had in fitness, and was beginning to see the best part of her life moving forward! She did this from a few factors. First the support and guidance from Luke Owens, the Owner of The Hub Gym, helped Gina view herself as a victory and not as a failure. The encouragement from all our staff helped her build confidence in herself and all of those around. Next, Gina eliminated all of her excuses with a Broken Arrow Gym.

She had no choice but to succeed, so she started to track how she would be successful in every aspect of her training. She measured her success, studied her trade, and did not allow a momentary failure make her into a failure. Finally, she got healthy physically AND mentally. When Gina discovered the things holding her back in her mind, she started making decisions that made her life more valued, her time important, and her training worth much more than just a number at a Broken Arrow Gym.

To this day, she is continuing to grow here at the gym. Now for Harry it was a totally different story. Harry came to the gym weighing almost four hundred pounds. In his words, “I realized that if I do not do something to change my life, I am going to die before I see my daughter grow up and have a family of her own. I cannot live with that.

So I am making a change.” Within the first few months, Harry had lost almost sixty-five pounds, was able to get up and down from the ground in a way he had not been able to do before, could do several push ups with his own body weight, could bench press over one hundred fifty pounds, and was well on his way to doing his first pull up with his own body weight. Check out or give us a call at 918-994-4299 as soon as you can!

Broken Arrow Gym | Do You Want To Be Fit Again?

Harry started by cleaning up his diet and getting in the gym three days a week. Soon, Harry began to feel an addiction to fitness. He started to workout four to five times every week and he took one extra step towards cleaning his diet even more. Today, Harry is still training on a daily basis and will soon reach his first milestone of losing 100 pounds! What brought him this far is still the same motivation with a Broken Arrow Gym, “I want to know my daughter as she grows up and see her future family.”

Harry’s advice to you is to first know your motivation. Keep your eyes on it and never give up because one day, you will see the results of working hard for it! The final story is John. John came into the gym shortly after a terrible divorce he had. When John began, he had a deep disliking of himself, he weighed two hundred sixty-five pounds, had thousands of dollars of debt, and no vision or goals for his life. It all started one July when he came into The Hub Gym and said, “I need to do something to change my life. I need a gym and I need no excuse for not using it.”

Our Hub Staff Member said, “Perfect! We have a one year pre pay where you can have a discount, and we are a twenty-four seven facility, so we can guarantee that we will be open when you need our facility!” After that moment, John went on a journey. First it was twenty pounds down before he took a new step in his career. He was building his confidence from here and making improvements on his strength. After a year, John had lost sixty five pounds, completely gotten into a new career, and was now aiming for new higher levels in his health, and he was growing in his social life, which had previously fallen apart. His message for you would be, “Do not sweat the small pains from a Broken Arrow Gym.

When you are tired, when you have minor issues you need to deal with, or when something is just difficult, learn to love that process. If you do not learn to love yourself, every step you take, and the process as a whole, you will never truly enjoy what your future may bring!” From every example we see a few common details. Perseverance has always been present, goals were set in order to see progress, motivation was always there, and all of these individuals created a support system to keep them accountable and in check at a Broken Arrow Gym.

If you want to make these changes in your life, change your view and make the progress in your health, fitness, and mental direction, then sit down with a fitness professional, establish your goals, establish where you are at, create your support system, and make a little progress every day. Day after day choose to make decisions that will benefit your future and one day, you will be able to look at your life and see the value of a day well lived. Be sure to take a peak at or call 918-994-4299 as soon as you want to lose weight!