Trying to start getting in shape? You should think of how you can start enjoying working out. If you want results, it is going to have to be a consistent part of your life! Maybe it could be an option to bring your friends and family. Well, guess what? We have an offer for Broken Arrow gym member add-ons to be at $20 a month. You should compare that to the discount rates of gyms around us. This is a great deal that will allow you to begin enjoying working out, because you can see it as time to spend together. There is nothing like accountability. If you have someone with you, someone who can walk with you step by step, it makes a difference. Even more so, if it is someone you already do life with and care about, then your time spent working out will be all the more enjoyable! It will be an activity you anticipate and look forward to. Consider bringing your loved ones. Some families don’t spend enough time with their families anyway! So here is a way to incorporate quality time together and make it really productive! So, for you, you will start out in the regular rate, and then after that, you will still be in the regular rate, while you add ones are at $20 a month. We are really big on having a rich community here at the Hub Gym.

We want you to be a part of our gym right away! Are you searching for a gym that allows you to feel comfortable? Are you searching for a gym that encourages you, where you feel like you belong? You shouldn’t wait any longer. Many Broken Arrow gym facilities offer half and half: sometimes it’s price at the sake of quality, or quality at the sake of price. Sometimes, it’s a fantastic facility but it suffers in the environment. The atmosphere might be lacking. It might not be warm and welcoming. Just remember, your family members will be added on the $20 a month. And on top of that, you will also get to be a part of her gym for only a dollar for your first month. This is an unbeatable deal! You should look around and see if other gyms do this. This is an incredible deal that will get you in the door and you don’t have to spend any money. Because we want you to try before you buy. We really want our clients to trust us and see that we mean what we say. And we totally respect that people need to get a feel for the place before they make a commitment. That is totally understandable and that is why we offer the $1 for the first month! But we are so confident that you will come back. And if you don’t like it after your first month, we will not charge you the next month, and you can leave and go about your way.

We understand there are other Broken Arrow gym communities out there, but there really is no community like ours. We really want people to feel like they’re involved, and that when they walk into our facility, they feel their spirits lifted. It really is a positive atmosphere and we have heard it time and time again from our employees, our staff, the business owners, our clients, and new prospects. It is just an overall different feel! You should come over and see for yourself. We just cannot stress it enough. They want you to be a part of this great community. And bring your family and friends! We are a Broken Arrow gym that is dedicated to you. And we’re committed to you. You should be at the top of our priority. To our current members, we thank you for your business. To our future prospects, we cannot wait to meet you! You can come in and talk to us and we can sign you up for a tour. We would get you at or where you can see the facility for yourself, and be guided down the hall by one of our very own personal trainers. Our personal trainers are professionally and licensed to take care of you and answer all your questions.

They’re certified personal trainers that really know how to train well, and they truly care about their clients. They will be eager and happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, that is what they are there for! They’re happy to meet with you. They will inform you as well, during your tour, that as a brand new member, I paid $1 for the first month, no commitment, that you will get to sit down with them and do something that we call the first step is a smidge. And with the First episodes meant, he will get to show them all of your goals and your needs and wants. And through this, they will ask you questions, get your body index, certain measurements such as BMI and body fat percentage, and then they will help you develop a plan tailored to your goals and your body type and your needs.

And his son introduction to what you will do with the personal trainer. But this is included in your membership for the first month at no additional cost! This does not force you to sign up for personal training so do not stress about it! This is our gift to you. And our thank you for you giving us a try. We know that you could visit any other gym, and give them your time, your interest, and money. But we really are so grateful to our members, because without them, we would not be the Hub Gym at all! So please enjoy the features we include, such as the First Step program (the free consultation with a personal trainer), the sauna (yes, we have a sauna!), the complimentary towels, and the group fitness classes! All these are included in your membership! We are a great Broken Arrow gym full of fantastic and fun people. We hope you will consider being a part of it with our Broken Arrow Gym.