So, think about it. What is your next step? Do you have goals for your life that you just haven’t started on? Are you looking for a gym that is simply just a facility that provides you with equipment, for are you looking for a place that you feel like you belong? Are you looking for a place that you actually look forward to going to? Are you looking for a place that makes it a pleasurable experience every time, so that you want to keep coming back? That is what our Broken Arrow gym is all about! Because we know that this is a place of strong community and people that truly enjoy each other’s company. And when you have an atmosphere like that, that is so positive and uplifting, that makes you feel warm and welcome, and you’re going to have no trouble going to the gym to workout. What’s more is that with this facility, we offer so many features. You will just feel like you have so many choices, and you’re not going to know where to start! When you’re looking for a broken arrow gym, think about what types of plans and trainers in classes, and extra features they offer?

Do they offer also, nutritional counseling? Do they offer a full supplement shop? These are things that we have, do they have a sauna? This is something we have is well. Yes, that’s right, we even have a beautiful medical-grade infrared sauna. So, we are so excited to introduce these options to you. Don’t just look for a broken arrow gym that gives you the bare minimum, or treats you like a number. Don’t just look for a place that scans your card when you walk in and then never says another word to you, where you just walk in and walk out and you’re done. Here at the Hub gym in Broken Arrow, we really are family. And people have attested to this. If you go online website, you will see videos that we post regularly. These videos are interviewing different members of our gym, and many of them are still current. They also interview trainers, and even the owners at the gym, asking them what they love about the Hub gym. And the theme you will get immediately from just watching a few short videos, it’s people of the community feel. It is not a gigantic facility; it is quite small to middle-sized. But you just with that, you get such a small community feel, and you get to know each other very easily and very quickly. Doesn’t mean that you have to say hi to 20 people every time you come to the gym!

We understand when people come alone, they’re not going to the gym to want to make friends. But, along with that, you want to be in a place where you don’t feel like you’re a complete stranger. If you’re working out in a facility with other people, you want to know that those people are going to be in your corner if you need it. You want to know you can feel completely comfortable when you come to the hub gym and you don’t need to feel judged or feel gym competition. No way! Not here. We argue strongly against gym competition. We think that is such a terrible thing. What’s more, is that when it comes to your Fitness, you got to have other factors. So, for instance, we offer a full supplement shop. Here, we offer things like protein supplements and protein shakes.

We’ve got your amino acids, we’ve got fuel, like pre-workout. We even have lactose-free options. And this seems to go really well with our pay with our car this seems to go over really well with our members who have trouble digesting dairy products. You do not have to sacrifice on taste either! This particular lack of put lactose-free option has flavors like peanut butter cookie, and vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream. Vanilla salted caramel. All of these options and more! And you can get them all when you come to the hub gym and check out our supplement shop. All of them are here for you and available to use. We believe that we really make people feel like they belong. This is not some fake thing that we try to do. We are a broken arrow gym that really values its people, because without them we wouldn’t have a business first fall! But more than that, you can see so many testimonials when you talk to our members. That is because when they come to the gym, they feel support. We even have a wall where you can write on it and you can talk about a small or large cool that you accomplished perhaps that week, or that month, or that here! And it is so personalized and inspiring people people walk by, especially new prospects that don’t know anything about her gym, and when they see that wall they just stop and stare. It is such a beautiful thing to look out. Is such a personalized thing. So we really do want to help you set you up for success. And we want to offer all this to you at $1 for the first month. So, when you walk in the word gym for the first month you can get it all for a dollar.

And then after that, it’s no commitment! So, if you want to cancel you can! So, with no commitment, you should have no concerns about signing up for the first dollar for the first month! So, after that you would be if you continued with us, you would be enrolled at the regular rate of $39 a month, or $29 a month, or $20 a month depending on the type of work you do. Because we do offer some discount deals to people depending on if they work in the Rose District, which is the strip that were located on, or if you work in the medical field, or if you are teacher, or if you are a first responder. You will get the rate of $20 a month. Add-on members, such as family members or friends that you want to add on to your account to be able to go to the gym with you, will be at $20 a month. What a great deal this is! And it is something that you should take advantage of and consider when you’re looking at another Broken Arrow gym. Compare their rates to ours and see what you think about our great Broken Arrow Gym!