If you want to make fitness a priority, consider ways to make it more enjoyable at our Broken Arrow Gym. One idea to make going to the gym more enjoyable, is to make gym time ‘family time’. This may not always be easy or convenient. We are not saying you should only go to the gym when you bring your family! That would be very difficult to organize and you probably wouldn’t go regularly. You want to make a consistent schedule, but this is an idea to throw in there, to help you look forward to going to the gym and doing it with people you care about. People usually need to prioritize family time anyway in different and creative ways. Thus, why not bring your family members? At the Hub gym, we are a Broken Arrow gym where you can have family members as add-ons for $20 a month each. So, they get discounts! You will be in the regular rate to monthly, and then each family member add-on is that the $20 rates. T

his would be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family, I’ll working on your health and fitness together. We like to see Community here at the Hub gym. We are a broken arrow Jen located in the Rose District. You will see many shops around us, and many people walking around, as it is very casual atmosphere and relaxing. If you look down the street of the Rose District, at night he will find lights on the trees year-round. As well as a clock near the train station. It is a historic spot. And it has recently been renovated, and the Hub gym joined in 2011! Are you searching for a broken arrow gym wear you feel comfortable? A gym that doesn’t show any type of intimidation or competition. You should really give the Hub gym a chance. You will see that people there are friendly, that they are welcoming and they smile. And very often the staff members will call people by their names, you’ll see the owners walking around and talking to people. And often the owners are just greeting members by name. We have so many regulars, that have been with us for a long time. If you go online to the Hub gym website, which is www. The Hub gym. Com, you will see a lot of videos, where are current members speak high regards about the Hub gym and what they love about it.

This is very common. We want to encourage you to give us a try, because you will not be disappointed. A lot of people here stay because of the community. They could have gone to other gyms, but they described the Hub gym is having a smaller and more intimate atmosphere, and makes you feel very welcome. Intimate but not crowded! Although we have plenty of regulars and business is good and busy and steady, surprisingly you’re not going to find yourself having to wait and wait to use a piece of equipment. There’s a steady flow in and out of our members, and it’s always easy to use and Access Equipment. We pride ourselves in our family feel! We pride ourselves in the wall that we have, or our own members have written their successes, small or large, on the wall. It might be something be accomplished that was minor that week. Or it might be a year-long goal that they just accomplished. You can write Anonymous or you can write your name, but it is very personable. It is personal and people taking tours as new prospects throughout our facility, stop and look at the wall and are impressed. And they love it!

And we have plenty of space so people will continue to write on that wall. We are hoping to get the entire thing filled up. We are a broken arrow gym that loves its members and loves this community. We value our members, and want everybody to feel like they belong on that they are more than enough to accomplish their goals. We know that you will appreciate and enjoy this community. You have high reviews. You can look online and see our Google reviews as well! This Broken Arrow gym loves its members for sure. You should get plugged in and give us a try today. You get to do a first step orientation. As a new member, you get a complimentary consultation with one of our personal trainers, so this is not any additional costs for you! It is included in your first month as a new member. And guess what? That first month, you can also get in for a dollar. Only a dollar!! Think about how exciting this would be! You can try the entire gym for a dollar. You do not have to spend any more than 100 pennies!

Your first month you will not be enrolled at the regular rate. And this is just because we are confident that you will love it! And we respect that people really want to try before they buy. You want to try something out before they commit, and we understand that. That is why we are offering you the first month for a dollar, and we are confident that you will fall in love with the place! That you will want to give it a continual commitment. But you can be month to month, you do not have to pay for a set number of months ahead of time. Hassle-free is our middle name! Call us today at 918 994 4299 and let us help you get started. Please consider bring your family as add ons for only $20 a month! That is a great deal, and it will be your creative way to have “family time”. Do consider joining our awesome Broken Arrow gym, right in the Rose District, the heart of Broken Arrow. We are so excited to get connected with you, and we can’t wait to show you our facility and community. Call us today or visit us online at www.thehubgym.com!