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One of my favorite things to see at the gym is a member who starts their journey out strong, reaches a plateau, then communicates with our team and grows as a result. Jared is one of our clients who experienced this exact thing. Jared came to us as a out of shape Office worker following the usual 5 x 5 program most of us find on the Internet. I approached him one day and asked what I could do to help his fitness and shortly after we schedule the first step in to experience success in his future.. The first step program is one of the most effective programs we run at the hub gym. Use us for the top Broken Arrow Gym that you could ever need.

Everyone needs to have clear set goals. Everyone needs to find his or her own motivation. Everyone needs to know what direction to go in in order to achieve these goals. This is exactly what the first program does. Upon meeting with Jared I realized that he was unhappy with his belly fat, injured shoulder, And his consistency at the gym. We started him on a very simple program with training two days per week and him coming in on his own two more days per week with the most amazing Broken Arrow Gym. We started our focus on building his cardio and endurance and boy was that first session a doozy!

Within seven minutes Jared had to stop because his cardio was so poor. He was worried he was going to throw up and lose it all over the place! But he came back two days later for his next session. Over the coming six weeks Jared could complete an entire work out without completely falling apart. We then moved into phase 2. Phase 2 started to increase the weight he used while simultaneously hitting cardio And we fell right back into the issue we had starting out, exhaustion! But he kept on working. His body adjusted after about two weeks And then he progressed consistently after every single session. It was at this point that Jared made Decision to clean his diet more.

In his words, “I can’t fuel my body right when I continue to eat like garbage.” He was one hundred percent correct, you cannot out train a bad diet. If your nutrition is not based on fueling your body but instead emotionally fueling your body, you will not improve the condition of your body. We determined the best way to improve nutrition was to follow a simple method called if it fits your macros. If It Fits Your Macros or IIFYM means you will give your body proper food, but as long as you have room within your carbs, fats, and protein, you can have food that is not as healthy with a Broken Arrow Gym.

The only other condition is that you can’t consume too many calories. With this small change we fixed a major issue, the binge and restrict mentality. This happens when a person restricts their intake of anything considered remotely unhealthy, then when they cannot bear it, they binge and eat an entire box of cookies or a whole tub of ice cream. Be sure to call us at 918-994-4299 or go to!

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I have had a client that did this to herself so bad we dubbed it the “ice cream and cinnamon diet” because she would stay strict for two weeks then binge for an entire week. This is hard on your body through first the digestive track, and then your insulin levels. The digestive track gets an opportunity to build healthy gut bacteria for a period of time, and then eating lots of junk with no nutrients destroys the progress. Now your gut bacteria are damaged, and your digestion will not be as good. The binging and restricting diet also causes harsh spikes in your insulin levels, which is a hormone closely, correlated with weight gain with the most top Broken Arrow Gym.

When insulin levels are elevated your body immediately stores all fat you eat, and regular periods of high “junk food” consumption typically has a plethora of carbs and fat with very little protein, meaning it is all “quick energy” and no building blocks or steady release of energy. When we take this back to Jared, he started on more of a “I know what I should be eating, but I do not do it.” That was the case until he came to me asking how to do it right. This is why we did not pursue a strict diet of only healthy food, but we created a balance for him to follow. When he was eating ten to twelve cookies in one sitting, he experienced dramatic blasts of exhaustion only fifteen minutes into our workout.

We finished our first set and I hear the words, “Man, I’m exhausted!” I have slowly built up Jared to understand the concept that you cannot out train a bad diet, so when he came to me, I knew he was ready to make a change. We started out limiting from ten to twelve cookies in one sitting to ten to twelve cookies a week. Where twelve Oreos are six hundred and forty calories, two Oreo are only one hundred six calories with all the most amazing Broken Arrow Gym.

If Jared eats these Oreos five days a week he only eats five hundred thirty-three extra calories, which is easy to work into a nutrition plan. However, if he eats ten Oreos in one sitting even twice in one week, he would consume double the amount of calories within the same time frame. Most people who binge do not do it only twice within a day, it is typically either on the daily or every other day. This means consuming two to three times the number of calories compared to working it into your macros.

This way your diet is not restrictive and is instead supportive so you can understand that nothing is off limits, you only need your body to tell you long term what you need. Upon making this change, Jared immediately improved his cardio output. It was much easier for him to go through his workout, and he finished the entire thing for the first time without telling me he was going to die. What is the moral of the story? Take your health in phases. Start first, and fix every detail slowly. Visit or call us now at 918-994-4299! Do not do everything at one time, but give yourself grace. If you do not give up, you will attain success with a Broken Arrow Gym.