After that, they will take you to the rest of the facility where you can ask them any questions you want. They want to answer any of your questions and help you out as much as can, so do not be shy, and do not hesitate to ask anything about the gym that is on your mind! And if there’s something that you don’t see in particular threw out the door, please pointed out and asked the staff about it. I had the personal trainer and see if we can meet that need. We do not want you to be shy! We want you to feel like you belong. If you join this gym, you are joining a strong family! You are joining a family of people who encourage each other and lift each other up. And that is very important it is in an environment that pushes people in Butler driving and work towards your goals.

This is an uplifting atmosphere and we want you to experience that. So please point out any issues or concerns that you have and let us set it straight. Don’t be afraid to check out our Google reviews and visit us online, follow our social media pages and everything else! And we will get you involved right away as soon as possible. Getting active and involved in the gym, particularly to Broken Arrow gym if you live in the Broken Arrow area, this really is the place to be. The atmosphere will give you motivation and drive. You will be in good shape and be driven towards health and fitness! Your motivation levels will be high! You will have more drive and inspiration to be able to achieve your goals. Don’t you ever think that it is too late?

Never is it too late! We hope you compare us to another Broken Arrow gym in the surrounding area. We will show you why we are the top-ranked Broken Arrow gym. We hope that you will find a solid community here. You can call us at 918 994 4299. On top of you being introduced to our absolutely fantastic equipment in the classes for the first 30 days, but we will also start in on something called the new member orientation is a class that is hosted every third Thursday of the month. We are considering changing it to 2 times a month period so if you come to a new member orientation, you will be introduced to a lot of personal trainers, as well as the other new members. And we will just get you introduced to the vision and the community of the Hub Gym.

This is a one of a kind Broken Arrow gym. If you are looking for solid accountability, then you should really consider moving on after our first step consultation. We can schedule your first step which is a complimentary portion of the new membership. We can schedule that firs step in person when you sign up with us. And in the first step consultation you will sit down with a personal trainer, and they will assess you as far as your goals and wants. Next, you will be doing an in body scan and get things like your body fat percentage or your body mass index. If you want to move on past a first step consultation, we can set you up with personal training, and it does not necessarily have to be with the personal trainer that you did your first step consultation with.

You can do it with a different personal trainer. Did you know that the hub gym is 24/7 access, as far as the facility itself? Now, the office hours are only Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 to 7 PM but then 9:00 to 1 PM on Saturdays. But with your key tide or RF-ID chip, you can get in 24/7 through the 24/7 access door. You do not need to come in through the front office. Now keep in mind that as a brand new member, and longtime member, you also get 25% off all of the hub pro shop supplements. We have a full supplement shop here in the front desk area. And we got products like VM I, we got Rivalus, Beverly which is a big name brand. You can also check out our protein bars and cookies, all of which are very delicious! And we also have protein drinks as well as energy drinks, the brands being Bang and Bucked Up.

You should also note that we have a high grade medical-grade infrared technology sauna which is also included in your membership at no additional charge. You just have to reserve the sauna for an hour session at a time, during office hours. The office is closed call me you cannot enter this on it because you do have to reserve a time to use it. now just keep in mind that this is included at no additional cost to your membership. it is available at all times drunk office hours. We also have a complimentary towel service. And this, too, is only available to you during office hours. How exciting! We really hope you can see why this is the place to be. People absolutely love the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow, truly the best Broken Arrow Gym out there.

Also, invite your friends and family to come along, and keep in mind that add-ons to your membership are only $20 / month. This is a fantastic deal! We want you to also check out our heavy lifting room in the back room of the gym. We’ve got PLENTY of squat racks, a dual leg press machine, a belt squat even, as well as a deadlifting platform. This is the place to be! Come see why we beat out all our competition! And it is truly a family here. Be prepared to be greeted with a smiling face when you head on over to the Hub Gym in Broken Arrow. We can’t wait to meet you and give you a tour of our fun and well-stocked facility! You can ask any questions or concerns you may have. Please note that with a tour, you do not HAVE to sign up for $1 for the first month, so do not let that deter you from at least giving a few minutes to do a tour and see the place for yourself!