The Hub Gym really wants you to stay on track this year. We know you are probably searching for a broken arrow fitness center to get involved with, because it is much easier when you are surrounded by the right equipment and that you have the tools that you need to succeed. Do not wait another second to get in touch with this specific Broken Arrow fitness center, called the hub gym. This situated in the Rose district and Broken Arrow. And the staff here will completely help you stay right on track with your goals. We know that people coming to the gym really want to find change in their overall life and it’s not only about Fitness. Many times, it’s much deeper rooted. And this just happens to include health and wellness because when you are healthy and well, you feel so much better, taking care of your body is important and we do not do a good job of that in our country. Do not let your body to deteriorate as you grow older just because of work needs or things like that. Your health is number one priority. What do you want to experience in your house? Here at this Broken Arrow fitness center, we can help you build the muscle tone you need we can help you with some strength training or resistance training, we can help you build endurance, we can help you with your stamina. All these different names can be addressed here in our Broken Arrow Fitness Center, The Hub gym. We have excellent staff that are more than qualified and are personal trainers are committed to investing in their clients and seeing real change. They did it themselves and they want to share their secrets with you. We know that sometimes it is also about just having a support system to push you when you are discouraged. We are not looking at a fitness perspective. We want you to want to get to know you from with all aspects of your life. So, we pride ourselves and what we call the first step program and this is the first thing you do after you sign up for a membership, it is of no additional charge to you what is included in your membership. And doing the first step program does not require you to sign up for personal training at all! Like we said, at this Broken Arrow fitness center we like to offer you this first step because we know that you can succeed, and it just takes up that first step sometimes to put you in the right direction in action is necessary. So you will sit down with a personal trainer who will assess everything that you need, they will do an in-body scan with you get your BMI your body fat percentage, they will get to know who you are your wants your needs your goals, they will help you then develop a specific game plan to achieve your fitness goals and it will be tailored to you. Because our personal trainers no here at this Broken Arrow fitness center, but there is not a one-size-fits-all formula. We will not give you run of the mill service will give you quality and individualized service and make you feel like a real person and not just a number. What specifically are you looking for? If there is anything that we do not address when we take you on your tour please bring it up and we will do our best to make this gym the gym for you. Are Broken Arrow Fitness we pride ourselves and our family culture, that supports each other choose each other on as we all work toward a fitness journey together. It is such a positive atmosphere. You can go online for website and see the video testimonials we have from our current members who talk about why they love the Hub gym so much and what makes it stand out. You will not be disappointed. So, because we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed, we even allow you to try your first entire month here for a dollar. You can have the entire 30 days of working out at our gym, trying all the equipment and getting to know our excellent stuff for just $1. Because we are confident that you will not be disappointed in that you will want to come back. I remember say they look forward to coming to the gym instead of dreading it. They like coming here because it feels like a home away from home. It feels like a second home for some people and you will really feel that when you come in. Now we’re Broken Arrow Fitness Center, we also have an infrared sauna. It is a medical-grade infrared sauna that is offered to you and included in your membership at no additional charge, you just reserved it for one hour slots at a time and it is open during office hours! We also have complimentary towel service available to you during office hours as well. Our office hours are 9 to 7 Monday through Friday, and then 9 to 1 on Saturday. But those are office hours, keep note that the Hub gym is available to you 24/7. You have 24/7 access with your card and membership to come in at any time you need to work out! Because we want to make it available to our clients as much as possible! Please give us a call today and do not forget to visit online and see our website at for our video testimonials as well, you will not be disappointed! We truly look forward to serving you and making you a part of the Hub Gym family. We are also committed to hearing your feedback, so that we ensure we do all we can to improve the environment and make sure you feel you belong in this community of diligent and hardworking people! Please give us a call today!