The Hub Gym is the top-ranked Broken Arrow fitness center. This is a Broken Arrow fitness center that has such a unique feel and culture and there is no competition. you will not get just regular service here; you will get excellent service at this Broken Arrow fitness center. this is not just a gym, but it is a unique experience and the hub gym has created an atmosphere of encouragement and support and consistent motivation, friendships and long-lasting relationships, because the people here have ambition and drive, but at the same time there is no sense of intimidation at the same time.

Now people just want to support and encourage each other period so people look forward to coming to the gym do you want to finally experience improvement in your quality of life, do you one experience a higher level of health? Do you want to gain muscle strength, build endurance and stamina, build muscle tone and achieve a higher level of fitness than you ever have before? we recognize that people coming to the gym are seeking real change and usually it’s not just about fitness but it is about improvement in overall lifestyle, which includes health and wellness heavily.

So, we are not just looking at a fitness perspective, the staff here will look at all aspects of your life. when you are a new visitor and you want to get plugged in, or you want to work with a personal trainer you will sit down and you’ll do a first step program. this is where you sit down with a trainer that will assess your needs, they will do a self-assessment and see what it is that you would like to achieve and then they will create an individualized specific untailored plan to help you meet your goals. Here, at the hub gym this is a Broken Arrow fitness center that truly invests in you as a real person and not just doesn’t number.

You are not treated like cattle here; people invest in you. Your goals and desires matter and that is the focus of everything that the Hub Gym does and why they run. The Hub Gym was created to be a place that people felt comfortable, where they could work on improving themselves without feeling intimidation, and they will be equipped with everything they need to do so, in terms of equipment, in terms of food plans because there is also a meal prep service that the gym partners with period also, in terms of variety of classes offered, from early in the morning until late in the evening there will be classes offered so that you can go according to your work schedule and this is incorporated into your monthly membership. it is also insanely affordable compared to its competitors.

So this is a smaller facility and his local Leone so it is supported by a lot of the other local business owners that rally behind them. This is not a franchise, so you will receive quality service instead of the normal run-of-the-mill service people are typically complaining about. So, give us a call today and you can talk with one of our staff members. we guarantee that you will be satisfied when you walk in you will feel comfortable, you will feel welcome to. This Broken Arrow fitness center is all about relationships and reaching goals.

At this Broken Arrow fitness center of the Hub Gym, the staff have seen over and over at the real results that people have reached, and people here share like-minded goals and they work hard toward them. This is an atmosphere of commitment and dedication and drives all while having fun during the journey and learning to enjoy the process with others who have similar goals. It also helps with accountability when you know there are people around you with similar goals that are there cheering you on. You will feel like you have all the support in the world when you come to the hub gym and your trainers truly care about you.

The owner and founder, Luke Owens, knew that people were searching for a Broken Arrow fitness center that was different from all the others. the competitors alike are very different from what the hub gym offers. and the number one thing people brag about the hub gym is its community. also, it is situated in the Rose District, a beautiful historic area on Main Street that has attracted many newcomers and is slowly growing due to the downtown revitalization plan established in 2005. at the gym was put forth and established in 2011 and is thriving today.

Give us a call we would really love to get connected with you and show you that this Broken Arrow fitness center is the place that you need to be. We seek to serve you with excellence in quality and the staff are people of integrity and they truly commit to everything they do and they care about the place that they work out and they care about the place that they work at and the people as well. it is truly an amazing place with incredible people, and quality stuff and solid equipment and it is always clean.

This is a truly clean facility you will never have a question about using the equipment it is always cleaning wipes down regularly with cleaning material. Your Broken Arrow fitness center, the Hub Gym is waiting for you to join in we would love to get connected with you so visit our website at and you can also give us a call at 918 994 4299. You will be so excited you took this first step to achieve your goals and we will help you ensure that you do the right things to make it happen and do it well. You will absolutely love being a part of this unique and fantastic community that will help you thrive! Don’t hesitate to reach out and get plugged in with the Hub Gym today.