I bet your wondering how can you guys the best gym in Tulsa? Well, for starters to be the best you have to hire the best. That is why we have hired professional trainers over eight of them who can help you achieve your goals. They are trained to know the variety of different body types. We know that you are unique, we want to treat you as such. At the hub gym we offer classes, meal plans, and amazing services I can help you achieve that goal you’ve always wanted to achieve for years and years.

To be the best gym in Tulsa doesn’t come easy, that’s why you will see that we work very hard to be the best. Are trained professionals will be able to provide you with the step-by-step knowledge that you need to be successful. You will do as you will meet with one of our trainers and you will tell them your goal and they will assess it and give you the tools to achieve it. We understand that there are so many different types of bodies that is why we have customizable meal plans that we can offer specifically for you. That way you won’t only know how to work out right you’ll know how to eat right as well.

Best gym in Tulsa or best fitness classes in Tulsa? Well, however both? We offer so many different classes that you would love. One of the classes that we offer is Zumba. Are you wondering what Zumba is? Well do you like to dance? Do you love music? Wasn’t it just might be perfect for you. Zumba is a cardio dance class work features hip-hop, pop, African beats, and even Latin music that you get to dance along too. You have an instructor that’ll have a choreographed dance in your job is to follow along with the instructor. Who said working out can’t be fun? We also offer classes such as boxing, yoga, different camp classes, you name it we have it.

If you want to check out our gym but you’re not ready to make a huge investment, while we make it easy for you. We offer your first month for just one dollar. That’s right just one dollar. Most gyms charge you $10 if you want to check out their gym for a day we give you a whole month for just one dollar. These decide to go with us you’re worried about enrollment fees you don’t have to worry about that with the hub gym. We don’t charge enrollment fees. We want to be an affordable gym for you.

If you’re ready for different lifestyle and call us today. What is there to lose? You can schedule for a tour of our facility’s that you can see what we have to offer you for yourself. If you call 918-994-4299 there will be someone available to take your call. They can answer any question or concerns that you may have. We are confident that at the hub gym you’ll be satisfied with your investment. So call today.

Are you looking for the best gym in Tulsa? Well, you stopped at the right place. We at the hub gym can offer you everything that you are looking for. We have professionals on site who are trained to help you with your specific body type. We also have professional instructors, in our classes, who can help you achieve your fitness goals. We are not your everyday cookie-cutter gym, instead were huge family at our gym. You wont come into our gym feeling like you don’t belong. We have created an environment where everyone feels accepted. So check out what we have to offer.

Worried about being charged an outrageous price? We don’t want to only be the best gym in Tulsa we also want to be the most affordable. Most gyms charge enrollment fee that could go up to $200. Yes, that’s outrageous. Here at the hub gym we charge you enrollment fee of zero dollars. That’s pretty cheap, if you ask me. Not only that we want to give you your first month for just one dollar. That’s right, one dollar. Thinking about going in getting a drink at a store? Well instead you can use that dollar towards a full month at the gym. I mean think about it, you probably dropped a dollar somewhere today. How cheap is a dollar? You get access to our gym for a full month. What is there to lose with that?

At our gym, because we are the best gym in Tulsa, we offer the best classes for you. We offer classes such as Zumba, different boot camps, hybrid spin classes, yoga classes, and more. Another class we offer is a boxing class. Boxing is one of those things if it’s done right it’s a full body workout, in this one class could work out your legs, core, shoulders, arms, and back. I mean that’s awesome. We want you to have fun and get fit at the same time. If you prefer more of a sport type workout this is perfect for you. If you love dancing than we have a class for you to call Zumba. Here at the hub gym we have everything you’re looking for. We assure you that you would love our different classes.

Are you tired of being limited on the times you can go to your gym and you have a busy schedule? Well we don’t want to limit you. We don’t want you to miss out on precious workout time is you’re trying to rush. That is why we have 24/7 access to our facility. That way there’s no excuse. You can never say there was no time, they are closed. At the hub gym we make sure we are always available at all times for you. At the hub gym your goals become our goals. We want to make sure you achieve those, and whatever we can do it to help you wanted to do that.

So call us today at 918-994-4299, we have someone available to take your call. If you have any questions or want to schedule a tour don’t hesitate. We look for to hearing from you.