So, you are searching for the best Gym Broken Arrow and don’t know where to begin? You are looking to establish some fitness goals for yourself and don’t know how to start? There’s never a bad time to start brand new goals of getting in shape and improving your health this is certain. Whether it is a brisk walk outside or heavy lifting, all of these things are positive and geared toward improving your health and they do just that. Whether it is the beginning of the year or the end of the summer, think about what the best Gym Broken Arrow can do for you and how you can get started here at the Hub gym today! We are a staff that is committed to Excellence in a company that thrives on having a positive culture of excellence and warmth. We welcome everyone and we constantly push our members to work toward their goals. We pride ourselves in the fact that here at this best Gym Broken Arrow, you’ve seen many of our members who are still part of her gym lose weight, feel much better, have increased energy and they know how to maintain it. Because when you work with her personal trainers, you will not only discuss achieving your goals but how to keep it, maintain it and make it a lifestyle that will not leave you. You don’t want to reach your goals and then just have them flee overtime due to a lack of information and proper knowledge of how to maintain. This is how our personal trainers will help you beyond just talking about goals. We are committed to Excellence in everything we do, and we want to service you and give you all the tools and resources you need to succeed. We want to equip you to do just that and succeed! We have excellent trainers and staff, we have complimentary towel Service, as well as a full supplement shop up at the front near the front desk or in the front desk. Bills have a medical-grade infrared sauna that is safer than regular steam saunas, that is for joint care and Muscle Recovery. Many of our members like to use it and guess what! It is included in your membership! It is included, and all you have to do at the best Gym Broken Arrow it’s just schedule a time to reserve it and they are reserved in one hour slots. One hour slots they will be reserved, and this is completely included in your membership. Note that the sauna is only open during office hours. The best gym Broken arrow is also open 24/7. That is right! 24 hours, 7 days a week be Hub gym is open. However, the front desk which has our full supplement shop, and complimentary until service has specific office hours. It is closed on Sundays, and on Saturdays and is open from 9 to 1. 9 to 7 Mondays through Fridays. Catch us while we were there! But don’t forget that the gym facility and all the equipment is open 24/7, and your ID will get you in the door for that! Do not hesitate to reach out to us today and see why we are the best Gym Broken Arrow. You can call us or visit us online. You can give us a call at 918-994-4299, and you can also Gmail this website email address. For all of your information all questions. We are ready to help you on your journey. Don’t forget that the membership also includes classes, so you can take classes like Samba, yoga, boxing, the growing and very very popular and changes classes which are sometimes referred to as small group personal training. They seem to be more affordable to end Target some people the same way as a regular on one on one individual personal training session but not everyone can afford this. So the game pictures classes at $99 a month total instead of $39 a month regular membership total, gives you that small group personal training feel and it is so packed and fun with variety and diverse classes that you will never be bored and you always be challenged and you will definitely enjoy it. We’ve had so many good reviews about the game changers classes so we have continued it and put more on the schedule so that you will be available to attend one of them. Do not hesitate to give us a call we are so excited to get to work with you and help you achieve those dreams you’ve always desired! This is the Hub gym in the Rose District in Main Street, Broken Arrow. I look forward to speaking with you. Do not forget that we have 24/7 access, and on top of that, your first month with us is only a dollar. That’s right $1 for the first 30 days that will get you walking in the door and checking out all of our equipment and trying different things, that will include sauna,, include the towels, they’ll include all of the classes such as Zumba yoga, Zumba, boxing, strength training, game changers classes. All of it! We even have a back area you can go to that has Atlas Stones, entire ears sleds for the more intense trainers. We have a room in the back that is dedicated to heavier lifting we’ve got many squat racks; in fact, we have more squat racks than many of the gyms in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area. We even have a belt squat, one of the only belt squats in Oklahoma! Come check us out today we would love to meet with you. Our bathrooms have showers and lockers available for you, we have a full supplement shop up front. We even have gotten ski ERG and some new row machines. This gym has diverse equipment and has everything you need to succeed. Did we mention our excellent culture? It is full right here at the best Gym Broken Arrow, The Hub gym, located in the Rose District, 71st and Main Street and Broken Arrow. We are excited to meet with you so give us a call today.