What are you looking for specifically when it comes to Quality Service? We can offer you competitive Services whenever you come on over to the hub gym in Broken Arrow. Have you searched other BA gyms to find Excellent service like us? You can try everything that we have to offer, whenever you give us a call. Or visit us online at www.The Hub gym.com. We know that you’re looking for excellent service and professionals who know how to take care of you and do everything with a smile on their face. When it comes to being our competition, there is nothing that beats the Hub gym in Broken Arrow. Located conveniently in the heart of the Rose District in Broken Arrow, all of our services are popular and in high demand, but we are here to serve you.

So, you can find out exactly what we do and how we perform our services when it comes to receiving quality and excellent care and service, we have the best resources available for you! So, whenever you come into the gym and take a simple tour with us for we will guide you throughout the facility. This may be either with one of the front desk staff, or with the personal trainers, or maybe even with the owner of themselves! So, such services are provided to you whenever you sign up for the first month. And we have a deal at this gym, The Hub gym which is the top-rated of BA gyms, that you can only pay a dollar for the first month.

And a dollar will get you in the door for 30 days where you can try out everything that we have to offer and see all of the types of members and clients that come through the door. Along with your $1 first month trial, you are already considered a member! So, you are entitled to our complimentary first episode of spin. Or you can meet with a personal trainer individually, and you will be introduced to what types of service they would provide you, and a specific and tailored and plan to fit your needs. And that personal trainer will take you on over to the in-body scan where you can do a self-assessment. We are all about our family of gym members.

We have a solid community over here, with exceptional values and standards! People here really strive strongly for their goals. People here like to write goals and things that they’ve accomplished at our walk work toward the back near the heavy lifting room! And has proven is just a source of inspiration and it is very fun to read. It is a very personalized asset to urgent. We are fully committed to our members and we want to provide you with exactly what you were looking for. So, we will ask you what you were looking for in the gym, and what you were looking for in personal training. We’ll also ask you what you were looking for as far as supplements, as the Hub gym, the top of BA Gyms, also has a full supplement Pro Shop at the front desk.

And as a member, yes even for the first month, you are considered a member, and as a member, you get 25% off any of our supplements! He’s got a variety of different protein supplements as well as pre-workout. And we are sometimes sampling new products from time to time so we will go throughout the gym and ask you if you would like to sample a product after your workout! This isn’t my first to get feedback from our members and sees what they like and what they don’t like. So also note that two times throughout the month we have a new member orientation where you can meet the staff and meet the personal trainers, as well as other new members, and get an idea of what the vision in the culture of the gym is here at the top of BA gyms, the Broken Arrow Hub gym.

And we also would like to note that we also have charity boot camp sessions, where you would donate $10 and all of these proceeds would go toward an organization that we partner with. This month it is Rhodes Elementary, it is a school drive! And this charity is helping with school supplies for the new school year. We really take our members seriously and there are of utmost priority to us. We also offer a wide variety of group fitness classes so you can find out exactly what you were looking for and be held accountable! And if your brand new, you can definitely try the classes for free. But note that all of the classes are included in your membership except for the private personal training group classes! And all classes are held in the Group X room, which is also where the new member orientation is healthy!

For additional information, you can call us at 918-994-4299 or you can visit our website at the Hub gym. Com. On this website, you will see why we are the top and the best of BA gyms! You will see lots of videos of people reviewing our gym! You will see in-depth information on all of the classes we offer, you’ll see the schedule for the Times They are held, as they are held several times throughout the week! So, you can come anytime because this is also a 24/7 access gym! We know some gyms are closed right now temporarily, but we are wide open and we are welcome or member is back! A lot of them are so thrilled to be joining again.

So, you can contact us whenever is best convenient for you! So, come today and visit us and be sure to check out her supplement shop as well as our sauna, and our outdoor area, and you can even check out the new equipment we have such as the belt squat! We want to exceed our member’s expectations for all of the services we provide. We want you to be excited when you’re here and we want you to be confident when it comes to receiving the top-notch service. So, this is why we are the best of the best BA gyms!