We are always looking for committed members to join our fantastic gym if you are looking for the perfect type of gym to fit all of your needs! If you are searching for BA gyms and you don’t want a big box gym or you don’t want something that just feels like you’re just another number and you are not truly valued as a member, then you need to head over to the hub gym located in the Rose District in Broken Arrow. We are located at the Northeast edge of the strip called The Rose District on 71st and Main Street.

Here, you will find all sorts of people so if you are intimidated by any type of age group, know that there is a wide variety here that you can belong to. And we have plenty of classes that you can choose from a few just need some extra accountability or some more straightforward coaching. We do have a couple and numbers that come in simply just for the classes, and all the classes are included in your membership at no additional cost! So we have classes ranging from Zumba and yoga to a Bootcamp session on Saturdays, to the hub tribe which is high interval intensity training, to a ladies-only barbells class, and we also have private group personal training.

Keep in mind that all of these classes except for the private groups are included in your membership at no additional cost. And you were able to trial the first month at the Hub gym for just a dollar. So please compare that to the surrounding BA gyms and see what type of deals you can get. You’re very competitive and we do offer discounts from the regular rate as well depending on the career field that you are in. If you are a veteran or pass veteran military or ex-military, first responder if you those qualify for $20 a month. Rather than the regular 39 right. If you work in the medical field, are a teacher, student, work in the Rose District, I work for the Department of Education, are a cutie employee, or even if you are involved in the BA soccer club, we have Partnerships with all of these places, and it will qualify you for the Hub partner discount.

Do other BA gyms have these types of deals? Check them out and see what you can find! So that would be 29 a month. And keep in mind also that family members can be added onto your account for just $20 a month with a one-time $10 enrollment fee. Whenever you try the first month for a dollar, you are required to but not pay the day of, a one-time $40 enrollment fee and this enrollment fee truly goes to improving our facility for our members. It goes to buy more cleaning supplies upgraded equipment because we care about feedback from our members whenever they ask us four different types of equipment. So you will routinely see things change up just a little bit in the gym but the core things will still stay there. Whenever you sign up, you are also entitled to a one-time free session called the first step program. And this is an assessment that you will get one of our awesome personal trainers.

So you can look around at the surrounding BA gyms and it sees if they offer something like this. This is because we want you to know we take your goal seriously and we care about you and we care about your fitness journey. If you would like to sit down and schedule a time with a personal trainer, we can do that upon sign-up! So during this time, or personal trainer will ask you your goals and your needs and examine you, and they will take you over to the in-body scan where you will do an in-depth physique ask Ann, it will get your body mass index in your body fat percentage. And this will give you a better idea of where you are starting from. You also noticed whenever you check at a facility, that we have an awesome back wall that is filled with things that our members have accomplished. Whether large or small, they have put their goals up there for everybody to see and to just continue being inspired. It is very personalized and it helps our members continue to be inspired and reminded that those little girls and big girls do matter.

And we just want you to know that we are all the family and that people you’re do truly care about each other. You will notice the owner will just walk around and he truly invests in his gym. He does not hide away from his numbers. You will see him walking around and talking to members calling them by name. And striking up a conversation. If you are a new member, prepare to be greeted by the owner! also note whenever you sign up, you will be given some cards, and one shows you all of the businesses that we partner with within the Rose District and the surrounding area that you can get a discount for being a hub gym member. You also have a little bookmark that shows you show you all of the amenities in the gym, including our sauna! Note that are Sona is an infrared medical-grade technology sauna. Meaning, it is safer to use than the traditional steam saunas, and it’s particularly good and safe to use for our older members and members with respiratory issues.

You will note that you will not be profusely sweating in a sauna, but you will still sweat a good deal, and you will still read the same health benefits. With the sauna, remember that you must schedule a session with the song only during office hours because you have to reserve your spot. So our gym is true 24/7 access, even during this time we do not require masks and will not require a mask! Make sure you sign the liability waiver it that acknowledges our 30-day cancellation policy that goes into effect after the one-month trial. The during the one-month trial if you decide you do not want to continue as an official member, you just need to call the gym to cancel.

But after you are an official number, and you were starting when you start being charged the first of the month, if you would like to cancel we require you to come in person and to fill out of cancellation form and give us 30 days notice to not be charged the following month. Leave us a Google review and we would so gladly thank you by giving you a free protein bar or cookie, or an energy drink up at the front desk! Simply show us your Google review on your cell phone and we will show you what you can choose to take with you! We truly appreciate reviews whether Google or the reviews, as we post those up on our website and they mean the world to us! So check this out and compares to the surrounding be a gym and see what you think! We are anti-big box and we want you to feel like you belong, and we want you to show that you matter! So if you’ve had a bad experience at other BA gyms, just give us a chance what do you have to lose?