Do you want to finally see real change in your body, your energy levels, your overall health? You are probably searching for a BA Gym that will make it fun to work on y
Are you finally ready to start getting serious about your health, and not just wish about it any longer? Do you want to be motivated and excited about seeing your physical health get stronger, and realize that it is a tangible thing that can be achieved? The Hub Gym is the BA Gym to go to! We guarantee that your experience at our facility will be positive, uplifting, and that we will surely win a second visit from you. All of our wonderful and extremely friendly members and staff can attest to this, because it happened to them as well! We are sure you desire a BA Gym that is friendly, driven, serious about making strides, and committed to its’ peoples’ success. People are tired of being offered less than quality service, and they’re tired of seeing the same type of run of the mill assistance when they are looking to truly improve their lives. We take your concerns in your needs and desires very seriously here at this BA gym. Your goals are the most important thing to us and we will ensure that you are taking care of whenever you come in the door. You’ll be greeted by a wonderful and friendly staff. They will ask you what your fitness goals are, the reason for this is that when we give you a tour of our excellent facility, we will Target specifically what you are looking for to make it relevant to you. You will address your goals as well after the tour, and whenever you sign up to be a member. We doing excellent program called the first step program where you will sit down with a personal trainer who will find out your wants your needs your goals, what you want to accomplish in your health and fitness and they will develop a specific workout plan and even nutrition plate if you so desire, specify toward your needs. You’re not obligated because of this first step program to set up with a personal trainer, but it opens that door for you to see what are trainers can offer. But the first step program is completely included in your membership as a new member to our community. We also encourage you to help give us feedback if you so desire, to help make your experience as best as it can be. We’re continually working to improve our community, our equipment, our facility, so that it is working to Optimal success.
Please know we truly desire to ensure that you are taken care of, that your goals are important, invalidated, that you are highly valued, and that you are given the tools, skills and overall resources to truly accomplished your goals. We take that very seriously at our BA gym. Here at the Hub Gym, we want you to learn the ways to optimize your workouts, to do them with Excellence, to be able to use the equipment properly and effectively, and also to enjoy the process. You will see when you walk in that people here really are enjoying themselves, whether they’re doing a light workout or doing really heavy intensity. People look forward to coming to the gym at. You will not be disappointed when you visit us. Stop searching for a generic BA gym and come visit us!! You will find a wonderful unique Community here that cannot be matched. Here you will find accountability with your personal trainer, and you will find a family feel environment. Everyone here will feel like family and feel familiar, and everybody wants to lift each other up. And guess what? Your first month as a brand new member with us is just a dollar. Only a dollar a month can get you in the door for 30 whole days, so that you can come in and experience this gym, and see what we have to offer and that we are guaranteeing our word! That this is a wonderful experience. This is a wonderful deal; we want to prove to you that we know you will love coming here. We know that you are searching for a place where you can start working on an improving your health and fitness. We strongly encourage you to come check us out and see what you think. The BA Gym, The Hub gym, is located in the beautiful and historic Rose District located on Main Street in Broken Arrow. Nearby by our BA Gym you will see Goodyear Tire across the street, and next to the hub gym, you will see a tattoo salon as well as rise grind and rind espresso Cafe. If you keep don’t going down Main Street you will be amazed at the beautiful shops and scenery that surrounds our location. It is a wonderful location to be in. Don’t forget here that your first month is a dollar, after that you will be enrolled at the regular rate of $39 a month unless you choose to not continue with us. We would love to explain to you also our discounted rates. Depending on the type of work you do. If you are in the medical field, if you are a teacher, a first responder, if you work in the Rose District, you will qualify for the $20 a month rate. And you can also have add-ons, family member add-ons at $20 a month. We are so excited to meet you and we hope that you really will give us a chance. Because you will not be disappointed! We are always looking to grow our community with wonderful people and smiling faces and people that are dedicated to their progress and that is what we are all about! Come check us out today, we cannot wait to meet with you and help you accomplish everything you desire on your journey! Visit us online at, or give us a call at 918.994.4299.