April’s Dynamic Coaching Style

I am extremely disciplined, hard working, and self motivated. I will hold my clients to the expectation of being accountable, while maintaining patience and understanding through their journey. Communication is KEY.  I live by the attitude that we cannot control all of the variables in our life, so we should steer our focus toward what we CAN control, which is our attitude and our effort. I enjoy training clients that are EXCITED to change and are open to new things and I am here to guide and educate along the way. The more you understand, the better you can apply yourself. 

April Sweeney Cutout

April Swaney

Personal Trainer

April’s Ideal Client

My ideal client is ready to RISE up and give their all. They’re open and willing to do what it takes to challenge themselves and eager to learn new approaches. Having been in this industry for several years and achieving many physical transformations myself, I understand just how much we CAN do when we trust the process and take our journey one day at a time. Throw away that “All or Nothing” mindset and let me teach you balance and alternative approaches to being successful when you hit a bump along the way.

My Credentials

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (Add-on Certs near complete: Bodybuilding Specialist, Nutrition Specialist, T3 Group Fitness Instruction
  • 17+ years Personal Training experience
  • NPC Competitor/Athlete
  • Bachelor Degree of Applied Science – Human Resource Management + Advanced Personal Training Diploma
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    (My Top 10 Songs/ Playlist)

    1. The Champion – Carrie Underwood
    2. Til I collapse – Eminem 
    3. The Greatest – SIA
    4. One Love – Bob Marley
    5. Unstoppable – SIA
    6. 90’s mix  station 
    7. Treat myself – Megan Trainor
    8. Save Me – Jelly and Lainey 
    9. Glorious – Macklemore l, Skylar Grey
    10. Beautiful things – Benson Boone 

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